SoftPLC® Supports International Characters Making Systems Easily Usable in Countries Around the World

  • June 27, 2003
  • SoftPLC Corporation
  • News
SoftPLC’s software ladder logic editing and documentation program is engineered to support all international character sets to simplify operation in various countries.The program, TOPDOC®, is utilized by SoftPLC’s open-architecture PLC system and supports 16-bit character sets; any character set can be supported, including (but not limited to) Arabic, Chinese, and Russian. Thus, users throughout the world can view, edit, and print PLC logic using their native language. Manufacturers and machine builders who supply products for export or operate in non-English-speaking areas can provide a system easily maintainable by local workers, and the complete PLC program development and maintenance environment can be localized.TOPDOC character support is comprehensive, including both application user interface strings (such as program menu options and prompts) and application datafiles (descriptors, rung comments, and string datatable values).Most other PLC editing products support only 8-bit ASCII characters for application datafiles, and while some vendors produce specialized international versions of their programs, these versions are under control of the vendors and typically only permit use with standard-alphabet character sets (such as German, Portuguese, and Italian).SoftPLC Corporation, founded in 1983, has long been a leader in the PLC market. With control software and hardware products in thousands of manufacturing plants all over the world, SoftPLC provides reliable, multi-feature controllers that include unique e-Automation functions.For more information contact Cindy Hollenbeck at SoftPLC Corporation, 25603 Red Brangus Drive, Spicewood, Texas 78669. Telephone 512/264-8390; Fax 512/264-8399, e-mail:, WEB:

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