Stainless Steel ETP Express™ Shaft Locking Bushings Now Available In Inch And Metric Sizes

  • December 15, 2003
  • Zero-Max
  • News
Plymouth, Minnesota: Zero-Max now offers its stainless steel ETP Express Shaft Locking Bushings in inch and metric sizes. System designers incorporate these devices to lock into position gears, pulleys, sprockets and other components in a system’s power transmission system. These stainless steel ETP Express Bushings are ideal for systems requiring frequent washdowns. They are easily cleaned, won’t corrode, require no maintenance and handle temperature ranges from –22° F to 180° F. They have sealed, clean lines that resist debris collection, making them a designer’s best choice for food, beverage and dairy processing equipment. Providing concentricity to .001 inch T.I.R., these ETP Express Bushings handle torque ranges from 40 to 1500 ft. lbs. They are ideal for use in tight areas and have just one radial adjusting screw for fast mounting, repositioning and phasing of components to shafts. An Allen wrench is the only tool required to mount and lock these bushings into place. They position in seconds and can be readjusted many times just as quickly and without any axial movement of the bushing or component along the keyless shaft. The ETP Express design provides a tight connection between the shaft and mounted components. The device incorporates a double-walled sleeve filled with a pressure medium. When tightened, the single radial screw acts as a piston which compresses the medium, creating a solid connection between shaft and hub. This unique design with single adjusting screw makes the ETP Express superior to mechanical locking bushings where numerous adjusting screws are required and axial movement of the mechanical bushing occurs when the screws are tightened. Stainless Steel ETP Express Bushings are now available in 5/8, 3/4, 1, 1-1/4, 1-1/2 and 2 inch shaft sizes in addition to 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 mm shaft sizes. For FREE brochure, call 1-800-533-1731. Outside US and Canada, call 763-546-4300. See at: Email: Or write to Zero-Max, 13200 Sixth Avenue North, Plymouth, Minnesota 55441-5509. Fax: 763-546-8260.

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