Wanner Engineerings' New Patented Pump Technology Prevents Diaphragm Damage

  • November 28, 2003
  • News
Eliminates up to 90% of potential diaphragm failuresMINNEAPOLIS, MN – The D10/G10 Kel-Cell‚ series of Hydra-Cell‚ industrial pumps now feature Wanner Engineering’s patented Diaphragm Position Control (DPC) technology. Kel-Cell pumps can control the position of the diaphragm under a variety of adverse inlet conditions to provide a new degree of diaphragm rupture protection. DPC technology is available on new Kel-Cell pumps, and can be easily retrofitted on D10/G10 pumps already in the field.DPC technology enhances Kel-Cell pump performance, reliability and durability. DPC equipped pumps reduce by up to 90% the possibility of an incidental diaphragm failure caused by adverse system conditions, such as: Partially or completely blocked inlet pipe or inlet filter; Partly or completely closed inlet shut-off valve; inadequate liquid supply; Excessively viscous fluids; Inadequate discharge pressure; or other conditions resulting in excessive vacuum conditions on the inlet of the pump. For immediate Hydra-Cell pump information, including product information, parts manuals, technical documentation, CAD drawings and more, visit www.hydra-cell.com.For more information contact: Hydra-Cell Industrial Pumps, Wanner Engineering Inc., 1204 Chestnut Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55403; Telephone: 612/332-5681; Fax: 612/332-6937; e-mail: sales@wannereng.com; or visit www.hydra-cell.com.

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