Xycom Automation Announces Industrial ThinClient 'Brick' -- Model 1300

  • June 20, 2003
  • Xycom Automation Inc.
  • News
Saline, MI ¡V June 20, 2003 ¡V Xycom Automation, Inc., a subsidiary of Pro-face America, Inc. and a market leader in Industrial PCs, announces the addition of a compact ThinClient node. The new 1300 ThinClient product is an addition to the 7.7-inch to 12.1-inch integrated display terminals currently available. The 1300 series of products, branded OpenCLIENTÆË, are based on ThinClient Enabling Technology from Automation Control Products (ACP), based in Alpharetta, Georgia.According to Ralph Damato, Xycom Automation¡¦s Business Unit Manager, Industrial PC Products, ¡§the release of the 1300 ThinClient "brick" provides our customers with increased flexibility in the deployment of ACP enabled ThinClient systems by allowing the use of the monitor of their choice. Furthermore, applications that require hazardous locations approvals cannow be easily and cost effectively addressed with our 1300HAZ version of this new product.¡¨The 1300 is a compact, 7.25-inch x 5.5-inch x 3.4-inch unit. It has mounting flanges that allow the unit to be securely mounted to panels or shelves. The unit includes an integrated 120/240 volt AC or optional 24 volt DC power supply. It utilizes a 300 MHz NS Geode GX1 CPU and comes standard with 128 MB DRAM. The 1300 unit has a parallel, keyboard/mouse, video, RS-232, and one selectable RS-232/422/485 port and it also includes provisions for mounting one (1) PC/104 expansion card. All 1300 units are UL, cUL, FCC and European CE approved. Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations approvals are also optionally available (1300HAZ).While operators need to be able to see HMI and control screens they use to control a process, Plant Managers do not want the maintenance issues associated with installing and maintaining a fully featured PC at each station. ThinClient's bridge this gap by allowing the server to be maintained in a controlled environment while the terminals on the factory floor merely connect to the server via a standard Ethernet network to gain access to the desired application. If a Thin Client is damaged in any way and needs to be replaced, any new client can be up and running in amatter of minutes, instead of the day or more that is required to replace and configure a standard PC.The Windows-based management software, ThinManagerÆË, available from ACP, handlesmanagement of all the ThinClients on the network. With ThinManager, the system administrator can modify the configuration of every ThinClient, either individually or by moving the clients into groups. Mr. Damato states that, ¡§coupling Xycom¡¦s worldwide reputation for quality and support with ACP¡¦s ThinManager provides a powerful solution for deployment of a Thin Clientnetworked application.¡¨David Hancock, VP of Marketing with ACP, is also delighted with the product. "Xycom andACP have been providing quality industrial ThinClients for years, and the addition of the 1300 fills a real need for a small footprint client at an excellent price. The availability of the product as a Class I, Division 2 device is just one more reason we expect this to be a very hot selling ThinClient."About Xycom AutomationXycom Automation is a leading global supplier of innovative industrial automation solutions. Principal products include PC-based, open architecture visualization and control offerings. Xycom products serve industrial, automotive, aerospace, packaging, plastics, textile, and other markets, with hardware and software installed in over 200,000 factory-floor systems worldwide.Xycom Automation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pro-face America, Inc., and provides marketing and sales for all Pro-face products in North, Central, and South America, and all Xycom products worldwide. Headquartered in Saline, Michigan, Xycom has employees and representatives around the world.About Pro-face AmericaFounded in January 1999, Pro-face America, Inc. is a majority-owned subsidiary of Digital Electronics Corporation based in Osaka, Japan. Pro-face America, the North American headquarters of Digital, is located in Glendale Heights, IL.For more information about Xycom and Pro-face products, visit www.xycom.com.About Automation Control ProductsACP has more experience than any other company in the field of Industrial Thin Clients, and embeds its Thin Client Technology into products from industrial computer manufacturers, allowing them to bring to market superior Thin Client devices. When combined with ACP's ThinManager Thin Client management tool, each client has performance and features unmatched by products from any other company.For more information on ACP Thin Client technology, visit www.acpthinclient.com.

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