Acromag's PCI and CompactPCI® I/O Boards Combine Digital I/O and Counter/Timers

  • January 30, 2004
  • Acromag
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Acromag’s new multi-function APC424/464 (for desktop PCI) and AcPC424/464 I/O (for CompactPCI) boards replace two I/O boards with one to save money and conserve card slotsAcromag’s new multi-function I/O boards, the APC424/464 for desktop PCI and AcPC424/464 for CompactPCI, feature both digital I/O and counter/timer functions on a single card. The 424 models provide 40 digital I/O channels for TTL and differential signals plus four 16-bit counter/timers. The 464 models have 64 TTL digital I/O and four counter/timers. Digital I/O channels are bi-directional for flexibility to meet almost any input/output configuration. Counter/timers can be used for counting events, generating waveform control signals, measuring waveforms, and other process monitoring operations. With more functions on a single card, computer developers can use fewer boards to perform many I/O processing operations which greatly reduces the cost of their systems. Standard models sell for $600 (APC464 or AcPC464) and $700 (APC424 or AcPC424) with extended temperature models (–40 to 85°C operation) available for an additional $150.Two models on each platform, PCI or CompactPCI, provide a variety of channel configurations. All models provide four 16-bit counters with TTL-compatible thresholds. For more flexibility, two 16-bit counters can be combined to form one 32-bit counter. Six operating modes support pulse width modulation; watchdog timer; event counter; frequency, pulse width, or period measurement; and one-shot or repetitive one-shot functions.APC and AcPC424 models offer 24 differential and 16 TTL input/output channels. Input/output direction of the differential channels is selectable in 4-channel groups. Direction on TTL I/O is individually configurable for each channel. Inputs support change-of-state and high/low level transition interrupts.The APC and AcPC464 have 64 TTL I/O channels divided as 16 individually programmable input/output channels and 48 channels with direction configurable on an 8-channel port basis.These boards are ideal for manufacturing, defense (COTS), aerospace, and scientific applications. The CompactPCI version of this board offers a more rugged Eurocard format in a 3U size for use in a card cage enclosure with easy board insertion and removal. High channel density helps preserve the limited backplane slots. The PCI version is well suited to desktop computers in laboratories, industrial computers common in manufacturing plants, or embedded systems in machinery or other devices.For easy integration of the boards with Windows® applications, Acromag developed an ActiveX® (OLE) controls software package. ActiveX controls are object-based software components that function as drivers to interface the I/O boards with compatible software development programs such as Microsoft® Visual C++™, and Visual Basic. ActiveX controls can also link I/O data to Human Machine Interface (HMI) process control applications used to display and record data.For connectivity with real time software application programs, Acromag offers C libraries for VxWorks®, QNX®, and other operating systems. Free example programs for use with Linux systems are available for download on the website. The libraries provide generic routines (source code included) to handle reads, writes, interrupts, and other functions. Demonstration programs enable the developer to quickly exercise the I/O modules before attaching the routines to the application program. This diagnostic tool can save hours of troubleshooting and debugging.Acromag, a multimillion dollar international corporation, has been manufacturing and developing measurement and control products for more than 45 years. They offer a complete line of embedded I/O products including bus boards, mezzanine modules, wiring accessories, and software.For more information about Acromag products, call Inside Sales or Marketing Communications at (248) 624-1541, (800) 881-0268, FAX (248) 624-9234, or write Acromag, Inc. at; P.O. Box 437, Wixom, MI 48393-7037 Web:

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