Danaher Industrial Controls Group Announced That It Will Now Sell And Support The Harowe™ Brand Of Resolvers

  • January 20, 2004
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Chicago, IL, January 16, 2004 – Danaher Industrial Controls Group (DICG) announced that it will now sell and support the well-known Harowe™ brand of resolvers, used by manufacturing and design engineers for motor control and position feedback. Now DICG customers have a choice of either resolver or encoder technologies from a single source, and they are assured of unbiased advice when they are deciding which technology is best for their application.Formerly, the Harowe resolver line was sold through Danaher Motion LMS, a sister division. The product line addition was made in order to strengthen DICG’s position as a leading supplier of industrial feedback controls. A long established brand, Harowe offers one of the broadest lines of resolvers in the industry, and has thousands of installations worldwide. Of the many manufacturers in this market, only a few of the largest offer both encoders and resolvers. “We are excited about expanding our product line with such a well-known brand,” said Jeff Christensen, Director of Global Marketing - Feedback Business Unit, of DICG, “because our goal is to be fully supportive of the customer. For applications where resolvers are the better choice, or when customers prefer resolvers, we have an objective solution.”Encoders versus ResolversResolvers and encoders measure position and speed differently. Most encoders use optical sensors, whereas resolvers are inductive devices. Generally, resolvers are more durable and encoders are higher resolution. Encoders are easier and less expensive to implement, because they output the digital signals required by most control systems. In contrast, the analog output of a resolver must be converted using a resolver-to-digital (R/D) converter. This can be significant in OEM applications, where in some cases the cost of an R/D converter can equal half the cost of the resolver.Because of the added cost, resolvers are generally used in applications where their inherent durability is needed, such as in dusty, high-vibration, or high temperature environments. Depending on the application requirements, heavy duty encoders might be used as well in some of these applications.Harowe Brand ResolversNo brand offers a wider range of frameless resolvers than Harowe – from size 10 to size 55. Harowe is also one of the few brands to offer housed resolvers ranging from standard-grade size 11 to heavy-duty industrial-grade size 25. HaroMax frameless brushless resolvers feature tooth-wound construction. As a result of a more consistent winding, electrical error is 50 percent less than that of a standard resolver. In addition, the company has extensive experience in customizing resolvers to meet special needs, such as extra high temperature (225 degrees C) or radiation-hardening. Many competing suppliers do not offer customization.Harowe brand resolvers are used extensively in robotics, machine tools, motors, and aircraft. Other typical resolver applications include plastic forming, food processing, and steel, paper, and textile mills.Price and availability. Pricing depends on volume and size. In low volume quantities, size 15 frameless resolvers cost $65 to $260 each and size 55 frameless resolvers cost $645 to $2400 each. Discounted pricing is available for high volume applications. Standard availability is 2 weeks ARO, with faster delivery available by special arrangement.For More Information. For more information on Harowe brand resolvers or any of Danaher Industrial Controls' products, contact Danaher Industrial Controls at: 800-873-8731 or visit the website: www.dancon.com.About Danaher Industrial Controls. Danaher Industrial Controls Group designs, manufacturers and markets a wide variety of encoders, counters, motion controls and timing products worldwide, including Dynapar™, NorthStar™, and Hengstler™ brand encoders, Harowe™ brand resolvers, Veeder-Root™ brand counters, Partlow™ controllers and recorders, West™ controllers, and Eagle-Signal™ brand timers. For more information, contact your nearest DICG distributor or DICG at 1675 Delany Road, Gurnee, IL 60031. Phone: 1-800-873-8731 or 847-662-2666 FAX: 847-662-6633 Website: www.dancon.com

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