DVT Sets Record Quarter for Unit Sales, Legend 510 Sales Spur Growth

  • April 05, 2004
  • DVT Corporation
  • News
Legend 510 Sales Spur GrowthDuluth, GA, April 5, 2004 –The results of first-quarter unit sales of DVT machine vision systems show a dramatic increase of over 33 percent over first-quarter 2003. The jump in unit sales comes on the heels of a record February that boasted an increase of 55 percent in sales and booking. Over the past ten years, the company has experienced a 37 percent compounded annual growth rate.“Our Legend family of 14 machine vision systems is becoming the de facto standard in a wide number of markets,” commented DVT CEO and Chairman Bob Steinke. “Manufacturers are increasingly seeing the wisdom of using fully integrated smart camera machine vision for inspection, guidance, and quality control. As more and more of our vision systems enter the field, we are scoring victories for the machine vision industry as a whole. DVT will continue to lead the way as machine vision gains a firmer foundation in the manufacturing world.”The large increase in unit sales is attributed in part to the huge success of the Legend 510, a CMOS Smart Camera that retails for $1,995, breaking the $2,000 price barrier.“We are bringing more value to the industry than ever before,” Steinke noted. “Our Legend 510 can handle challenging applications for a price that is less than any other smart camera system available today. But the value of DVT systems extends beyond the low price. Anyone who buys a 510, or any of our 14 machine vision systems in the Legend family, gets free software, free training, and free online diagnostic support.”DVT attributes its success to the company philosophy of ‘Servant Leadership.’ This means putting the needs of our customers ahead of our own needs. Instead of asking ‘What’s in it for me?’ we ask our customers ‘How may I serve you?’ Agape is a Greek term meaning Unconditional Love. DVT’s Agape Support is Unconditional.For more information contact DVT at (770) 814-7920 or visit www.dvtsensors.com.

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