FKI Logistex Crisplant's S-3000 Series Sorters Power On-Demand Organizations

  • April 28, 2004
  • FKI Logistex
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Industry-leading sortation solutions offer speed, accuracy, and reliability(Frederick, MD: April 28, 2004) FKI Logistex® Crisplant® (, a global leader in automated material flow and sortation systems, presents the S-3000 series of high-speed, high-accuracy, and high-reliability sortation solutions.With more than 300 installed sites in North America, Crisplant's S-3000 series customer base includes market leaders in mail-order, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, distribution, freight and postal, air and overnight delivery, and airline baggage handling, where economic pressures like just-in-time distribution and overnight delivery demand proven, advanced sortation technology.The S-3000E Tilt-TrayCrisplant's S-3000E tilt-tray sorter is designed as a flexible, high-speed sorter for airports, retail and mail-order companies, spare parts distributors, newspapers, and food-based distribution operations. Its electronically-controlled tilt mechanism allows precise and accurate sorting control while its banking of trays through curves enables it to move at speeds up to 3.5 m/second.Sorted items on the S-3000E can have standard weights up to 50kg and maximum item lengths up to 2m for 2-tray items. The S-3000E is a high-speed, high-capacity and high-accuracy sortation solution. (A high-resolution photo of the S-3000E in action is available by clicking here.) The S-3000M Tilt-TrayCrisplant's conventional S-3000M tilt-tray system offers similar size and weight capacities as the S-3000E, running at a slightly slower speed of up to 2.1 m/second. Tray tilting on the S-3000M is accomplished using mechanical linkage.The S-3000M has a flexible modular design that enables level changes, even in curves. This makes the S-3000M easy to fit into existing premises and enables easy system extensions. Since the S-3000M also uses an integrated control system with local control units, it also minimizes cable installation required on-site.The S-3000CB Cross-BeltLike tilt-tray sorters, the Crisplant S-3000CB's carriers travel in a closed loop. Instead of trays, the S-3000CB uses bi-directionally powered belt conveyor sections sitting on top of the carriers. Each cross-belt unit rides the loop perpendicular to the direction of forward motion. When the item arrives at its destination, the belt powers on and discharges the item.The S-3000CB is designed for items which tend to present the most difficulties during sorting or for situations where a wide variety of items are being sorted. It is also ideal for fragile items, high-friction items, items that require horizontal discharge, as well as items that need to maintain their precise position and orientation throughout the sorting process.The S-3000DT Double-TrayThe S-3000DT double-tray quickly sorts a high volume of product in a limited sortation area. The S-3000DT, an update of Crisplant's popular S-2000 double-tray sorting system, is ideal for handling clothing, mail, pharmaceuticals, toys, compact discs, books and more. Equipped with two tilting trays on each cart instead of one, the S-3000DT is able to sort more than 40,000 items an hour.Because of its 'double handling' capacity, the S-3000DT can easily fit into smaller facilities. Once items are inducted onto the S-3000DT, they can be discharged from either side of the cart. This allows heavy items to be discharged to one side and lighter items to the other, ensuring that more fragile items remain undamaged.Service & SupportEvery Crisplant sortation system is backed by a service plan designed to keep it operating productively for years to come. Crisplant's customer field support includes a 24/7 hotline, site inspection, follow-up training and spare parts management.For reliable, accurate, high-speed and proven sortation technology, Crisplant stands out as an industry leader, providing sortation solutions to a wide array of organizations and industries. For sales and marketing information, contact Tom Pinkin, business development manager, FKI Logistex Crisplant, by phone at (240) 629-1413.About FKI Logistex CrisplantFKI Logistex® Crisplant®, a member company of FKI Logistex, is a global leader in automated material flow and sortation systems. Crisplant designs and manufactures advanced sortation and baggage handling systems, and has more than 800 sortation systems installed across the globe for leading airports, postal centers, warehouses, and distribution centers. The US headquarters for Crisplant are located at 4612 Navistar Drive, Frederick, MD 21703. World locations for Crisplant include Denmark, the United Kingdom, South Africa, France, Germany, Singapore, and China. For sales and marketing information, contact Tom Pinkin, business development manager, by phone at (240) 629-1413. Visit FKI Logistex Crisplant on the web at FKI LogistexFKI Logistex® ( is a leading supplier of integrated material handling solutions for distribution, baggage handling, freight, parcel, and manufacturing applications. FKI Logistex supplies its customers with an integrated set of leading edge technologies in high-speed sortation, conveyor systems, carousels, palletizing, paperless pick products, AS/RS, controls, order processing software, warehouse control systems, and total materials handling automation.

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