IMB Enterprises, Inc. Announces The Availability Of Custom Solutions For Ethernet-Enabling Computer Systems

  • May 18, 2004
  • IMB Enterprises, Inc.
  • News
May 18, 2004Bridgewater, VT 05034IMB Enterprises, Inc. announces the immediate availability of custom solutions for ethernet-enabling computer systems that communicate over serial lines and protocols, including (but not limited to) Modbus (c) RTU. Mike Blonder, President of IMB Enterprises, Inc. notes that "a significant portion of computer applications in the point of sale(POS), process control and data acquisition and collection areas are still in need of renovation. These markets want to capture the lower operating cost advantages represented by ethernet communications over public networks and to add these advantages to the benefits of serial communications, which include real time data logging and the like . The market also wants to gain the ease of use of confidently controlling a process from a web browser through an encrypted web page." Blonder goes on to note that "the availability of system on a chip (SOC) computing power has created an opportunity for the production of embedded systems that have the requisite features, meaning infrastructure to support an operating system, file structure and the like, to get the job done. What we do is specify the right hardware from our manufacturing partners and 'glue' the system together with software."IMB Enterprises, Inc. is based in Bridgewater, VT, 05034, on the second floor of 101 Mill Rd. The company website may be found at

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