InterlinkBT™ Announces Their New BL67 System I/O

  • April 20, 2004
  • News
Minneapolis, MN–April 16, 2004–InterlinkBT™ announces their new BL67 system I/O. The BL67 solution combines all the flexibility of in the cabinet PLC I/O systems with modularity, ruggedness, and connectorization. The BL67 product family complements existing AIM™, BL20, and piconet® products to meet the needs of unique applications, such as small machine or conveyor systems requiring IP67 protection. The BL67 system is made up of a gateway, base modules, and electronic modules. The I/O modules are not dependent on the fieldbus protocol. The gateway coordinates the entire I/O data exchange and generates detailed diagnostic information for the control platform. Gateways are currently available for DeviceNet™ and PROFIBUS®-DP. The BL67 system also offers group, connector, channel and module diagnostic information. The BL67 system size allows up to 32 electronic modules, up to 256 digital or 64 analog I/O, up to 3 feet long, and is DIN rail or flange mountable. Electronic modules are available in digital, analog, temperature, RS232/485, and more, with 2, 4 or 8 channels. Electronic modules are replaceable without removing I/O wiring and are color coded for easy identification. A mechanical key matches an electronic module to a particular base module, preventing insertion of an incorrect electronic module. The power distribution module supplies 24VDC to the electronic modules and can create isolated groups of I/O. The base modules are available with eurofast®, minifast® and picofast® connectors. Connectorization eliminates wiring errors and reduces wiring time and cost. The IOassistant software is available for the BL67 system. The software includes engineering, parameter set-up, documentation, commissioning, and diagnostic function for online or offline usage. Although the IOassistant is not required to setup a BL67 system, system engineers agree it makes their job easier. The IOassistant is free of charge and can also be used for the BL20 and piconetÒ I/O systems. InterlinkBT is a leading supplier of advanced device level bus solutions to help manufacturers improve their automated processes, products and profits. InterlinkBT, 3000 Campus Drive, Minneapolis, MN 55441. Phone: 763-694-2300. FAX: 763-694-2399. For technical information, contact InterlinkBT Engineering Technology Dept., Toll-free: 888-546-5880.

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