Interroll's Logix 2000 System Solves Warehouse Space Issue

  • April 06, 2004
  • News
NEWMARKET, ONTARIO (March 29, 2004)- Interroll Corporation’s Dynamic Storage Division, in connection with Pacific Westeel Racking of Buffalo, N.Y., is in the last stages of installing its wheeled dynamic storage product in what is the largest warehouse of its kind in North America. One of the largest printers of soda can cartons in the U.S. located in Perry, GA, asked Gilmer Warehousing to create a 320,000 sq. foot warehousing environment that would enable it to quadruple their throughput. The project’s first step was to build a storage area attached to its existing production facility, thus allowing the printing company to increase its printing production area, consolidate its existing distribution locations into one facility, thereby reducing its bottom line.Consolidating distribution centers also eliminated the need for a national transportation fleet. With 32 loading docks at the facility operating 24 hours a day, the Perry, GA location can now support nationwide distribution.“Our client wanted to change the way they do business. It was our job to outfit the warehouse with an innovative materials handling system that meets the demanding challenges such as gravity-fed, flow-through racks with first in, first out (FIFO) capabilities, 25,000 pallet positions holding up to 3000 lbs. at 23 pallet positions deep, and the ability to handle two pallets simultaneously in side by side rows that flow independently,” said Darren Farber, Gilmer’s VP of Operations. “Interroll and Pacific Westeel beat out their competitors for this job because they understood the scope of the work and could meet all of our challenges.”Interroll’s Logix 2000 wheeled dynamic storage product installed in Pacific Weststeel’s racking system is an advanced flow system that allows forklifts to load pallets onto three-wheeled tracks from the back of the rack. The pallet is released onto the aluminum impact wheels and slowly rolls onto the polycarbonate wheels that carry the pallet to the front of the rack where they are then loaded for distribution. For every pallet position, there is a tandem brake to help control pallet speed under gravity flow conditions. “With this system there is very little deviation on flow. Being precise for a flow system as deep as 23 pallets is important because of the potential problem of pallets hanging up if there is tracking to one side. The manufacturing control in our punching of the side channel housing the wheels is an extremely important element in the pallet flow process. Our patented tandem brake has a wider footprint designed specifically for cross-way pallet flow and speed control. This is important when the flow lanes are deep such as in the Gilmer project,” said Dave Schut, Interroll’s Engineering Manager. With the large scope and fast turn around required of this job (approx. seven months from start to finish), Interroll has been manufacturing components around the clock and shipping truckloads of materials daily. A total of 1.5 million wheels, 18,000 speed controllers, and 110 miles of side profile will be installed in this warehouse. “We are very excited to see the finished project,” said Farber of Gilmer Warehousing. “Having Interroll and Pacific Westeel as partners in this venture has been great. The installation has to be dead on accurate and level for the system to function over the long term and all of our testing has proven that they are surpassing our expectations.”For more information about Interroll, call 1-877-596-9870, or fax 905-727-3299 or email or visit world leader in materials handling technology, Interroll’s Dynamic Storage Division manufacturers a comprehensive line of warehousing solutions. The product line includes flow-through storage systems that are space saving and compact while providing simple, structured stock control with unlimited flexibility and custom layouts. With locations in more than 20 countries worldwide, Interroll provides material handling solutions to numerous industries including: warehousing & distribution, food processing, beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, and automobile.

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