ISA Standards Department Offers New Report on Industrial Systems Security

  • March 16, 2004
  • News
Research Triangle Park, NC (16 March 2004) – ISA announces the approval of a new ISA Technical Report addressing the critical need for industrial cyber security. More open systems, an increase in joint ventures, alliance partners and outsourced services, development of intelligent manufacturing equipment, increased connectivity to other equipment/software, enhanced external connectivity, combined with rapidly increasing incidents of network intrusion, more intelligent hackers, and malicious software all have increased threats and probability of attack. This pressing concern prompted ISA to establish standards development committee ISA-SP99, Manufacturing and Control Systems Security. The new Technical Report, ISA-TR99.00.01-2004, “Security Technologies for Manufacturing and Control Systems,” is the committee’s first publication. “In assessing electronic security technologies that may be deployed in the manufacturing and control systems environment, this technical report marks a critical step in the development of standards to attain industrial cyber protection across all manufacturing sectors,” said ISA-SP99 Chairman Bryan Singer of Rockwell Automation. Developed by world-renowned cyber-security and automation systems experts under the auspices of the ISA Standards and Practices Board, this ISA Technical Report provides recommendations and guidance for using electronic security technologies effectively in manufacturing and control systems. The ISA SP99 Committee used ANSI-accredited procedures in its work. ISA-TR99.00.01-2004 evaluates and assesses current types of electronic security technologies and tools that apply to the manufacturing and control systems environment (including development, implementation, operations, maintenance, engineering and other user services). It also guides manufacturers, vendors, and security practitioners at end-user companies on the technological options for securing these systems against cyber-attack. The report addresses manufacturing and control systems electronic security in the broadest possible sense, encompassing all types of plants, facilities, and systems in all industries. Manufacturing and control systems include, but are not limited to: * Hardware and software systems such as Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, networked electronic sensing systems, and monitoring, diagnostic, and assessment systems;* associated internal, human, network, or machine interfaces used to provide control, safety, maintenance, quality assurance, and other manufacturing operations functionality to continuous, batch, discrete, and combined processes. Find PDF files of the full Table of Contents and Abstract/Introduction/Scope/Purpose on the product Web page: About ISAISA—The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society ( is a 33,000-member global, nonprofit, educational organization connecting people and ideas in automation. The Society fosters advancement in the theory, design, manufacture, and use of sensors, instruments, computers, and systems for automation in a wide variety of applications. In addition to hosting the largest conferences and exhibitions for automation in the Western Hemisphere, ISA is a leading technical training organization and a respected publisher of books, magazines, and standards. ISA also serves the professional development and certification needs of industry professionals and practitioners with its Certified Automation Professional (CAP), Certified Control Systems Technician® (CCST®), and Certified Industrial Maintenance Mechanics (CIMM) programs; and the Control Systems Engineers (CSE) license.

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