'Kübler by TURCK' Introduces New Linear Measurement System

  • March 15, 2004
  • TURCK Inc.
  • News
Minneapolis, MN–March 5, 2004–TURCK Inc. introduces the new "Kübler by TURCK" Linear Measurement System. This system is a high resolution linear encoder that allows measurement of linear position or speed without contact between the sensor head and scale. The system is available with a molded eurofast® quick disconnect which offers the customer higher performance, lower cost, and a faster and more reliable installation. The linear measurement system senses movement via a magnetic scale and a separate sensor head. The scale, which has equally spaced north and south magnetic poles is adhered to a stainless steel band. The sensor head provides quadrature pulses from which speed, position and direction of travel can be determined. This system allows a customer to specify a resolution of either 20 or 100 microns (0.00079" or 0.0039") for a given application. The system is rated to IP 67; consequently, it is completely immune to contaminants such as dust and liquids. The scale comes with a stainless steel covering that can be used for protection against metal shavings, filings, etc., and is available in lengths up to 90 meters. In addition, the linear encoder system is non-contact; which results in extended life over traditional mechanical systems. This system is easy to install and can be used to retrofit current applications where speed and position values are sent to a display or used as an input to a controller. This technology provides a great economical alternative to optically based devices. TURCK is a leading supplier of advanced sensing solutions to help manufacturers improve their automated processes, products and profits. For other TURCK products or technical information, please contact: Application Support-Toll free: 800-544-PROX (7769). Visit us on the web www.turck.com, or Email: sensors@turck.com.

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