Klaxon Introduces Air Horns as Ideal Safeguard In Noisy Environments

  • February 05, 2004
  • News
TDE air horns from Klaxon emit a powerful low frequency sound which cuts through background noise to provide an effective alarm, ideal for signalling in areas where high output is required such as foundries, steelworks and petrochemical plants. Operated from a compressed air supply, the warning tone is coupled with a very high sound output at 125dB. Continuously rated, the ruggedly constructed horns are offered with a choice of three frequencies and can be controlled to provide different signals. Easy to install, TDE air horns can be a very simple solution to many signalling applications and are also suitable for use for fire, industrial, hazardous area, public warning, railway and marine situations.Klaxon offers an optional 24V compressor for use without a compressed air supply. Because there are no electrical components, air horns can be used safely in hazardous area locations. If supplied by a gas bottle or compressed air supply with a reservoir, the horns will also operate in the event of a power failure.Klaxon Signals LimitedWrigley StreetOldham, Lancs, OL4 1HW.Web site: www.klaxonsignals.com

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