M2M Data Corporation and Satamatics to Jointly Deliver Lower-Cost Micro-Telemetry

  • April 29, 2004
  • M2M Data Corporation
  • News
Companies have broad expertise and global coverage for asset tracking, monitoring, and controlEnglewood, Colorado – April 27, 2004 – M2M Data Corporation, a leading remote and mobile monitoring and control company, and Satamatics, a worldwide U.S.-based monitoring and tracking service providing global, satellite-based micro-telemetry with ubiquitous coverage across the world’s continents and oceans announced a strategic alliance offering customers the most affordable micro-telemetry service for device and asset monitoring while taking full advantage of broad communications expertise, market position and global coverage.“The Satamatics alliance adds another important weapon to our arsenal of very low-cost satellite delivered monitoring,” according to Donald Wallace, M2M Data Corporation’s COO and VP of Engineering and Operations. “Satamatics’ use of Inmarsat D+ means we are offering a truly global service for small data packets from a reliable and widely recognized 20-year old satellite services provider.” The new price performance addresses cost of service head-on with a drastically reduced pricing structure. Satamatics service will be an available option for M2M’s Ultra-light line of monitoring and alarm service. M2M Ultra-light Monitoring and Ultra-light Alarming are new data services targeting meters, fleet management, telecommunications facilities, surveillance systems, pipelines, tank batteries, pumps, compressors, and other remote process operations. The Satamatics SAT 101 remote satellite terminal can be both pre-programmed to transmit location reports and status messages at regular user-defined intervals or by sensor initiated alarms. The advanced SAT101is also programmable over the Inmarsat-based satellite communications link. The applications for M2M intelligence are loaded into the SAT 101 to take advantage of the company’s pioneering data aggregation and bandwidth reduction techniques. This combines the functions of an IP gateway and satellite terminal into one extremely small package that can be held in the palm of your hand. The small size reduces power needs and allows covert installation on both mobile and fixed site assets. Multiple options to power the SAT101 ensures long-term unattended operation for remote installations. Low-cost, small-packet satellite telemetry systems support remote asset monitoring, logging and analysis, and bring the value of device monitoring to a wider range of un-served assets particularly those of lower criticality and business value yet with importance to the operational health of a production or pipeline system. The M2M/Satamatics micro-telemetry solution integrates additional assets easily into a current device network. The M2M Ultra-lights use open standards architecture to accommodate disparate and legacy technologies and protocols. The Satamatics architecture is also built on open systems ensuring flexibility and the integration of the largest number of features for the burgeoning micro-telemetry sector. This new services partnership combines Satamatics’ global, low-cost micro-telemetry service with M2M Data Corporation’s remote data aggregation and bandwidth reduction techniques plus advanced database storage, data retrieval, and Internet and Web browser data presentation to improve and extend monitoring and control of remote assets. The partnership answers the need for low-cost seamless coverage throughout the world. Brian Hester, President of Satamatics Inc., commented:“Our new SAT101 is specifically designed to meet remote monitoring requirements for the oil and gas industry. It combines industry-leading performance with extremely economical operation, and the most financially reliable satellite communications network; Inmarsat. For a small price premium over our competitors, peace of mind is achieved for the manager who is relying on this satellite communications technology being there in five years. Employing the Inmarsat geostationary satellites ensures maximum quality of service with the fastest message delivery times and the most financially stable satellite service provider.”About M2M Data CorporationM2M Data Corporation (www.m2mdatacorp.com), headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is the leading provider of smart field solutions for energy, industry, and government customers. M2M has consistently led the industry in the development of innovative and powerful Internet technologies for electronic monitoring and control of remote equipment to increase production, reduce downtime, and minimize maintenance costs. Through a unique combination of Internet, SCADA, communications, security, and industry expertise, M2M has become a trusted partner for top energy companies, utilities, and government contractors developing and operating United States critical infrastructure. Today M2M is one of the most successful organizations in the smart field space with solutions that are the fastest, easiest to use, most complete, and most secure. For more information, contact Carol LeBaron at 303-768-0064 Ext. 414.About SatamaticsSatamatics Inc. (www.satamaticsUSA.com) provides global, satellite-based micro-telemetry solutions that put you in control - anywhere and anytime. Our efficient, flexible and cost-effective systems use a unique level of coverage across the world’s continents and oceans. Satamatics’ services are available via our partner Application Service Providers throughout the world.

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