Micronor's New MR121 ZapFREE Encoder Cable Solves Ground Loop and Interference Problems and Extends Reach Between Controller and Encoder

  • June 17, 2004
  • Micronor Inc.
  • News
Newbury Park, California, June 16, 2004 – Micronor’s new MR121 Encoder Cable is guaranteed to solve nagging ground loop and interference problems in motion control systems. The product uses Micronor’s proprietary ZapFREE technology which employs the use of fiber optic technology within the cable assembly, but in a manner completely transparent to the user. The MR121 product looks and functions like a standard electrical encoder cable. The equipment operator simply disconnects the existing controller-to-sensor connections and replaces them with corresponding MR121 ZapFREE Encoder Cables. No engineering redesign is required or needed.Micronor’s MR121 ZapFREE technology (patent pending) provides transport of all controller-encoder signals from cable end-to-end via industry-standard 12-pole M23 electrical connectors found on popular encoders. The encoder’s A, B and M outputs (either single-pole or differential line driver formats) are internally converted from electrical-to-optical (E/O) on the encoder end, transported through optical fibers within the cable, and then converted back from optical-to-electrical (O/E) at the controller end. Controller-sourced shield, power, ground and power/ground sense paths are transported electrically Internal O/E and E/O converters require minimal current and a small regulated tap provides all internal power requirements of the interfaces.Besides optical fiber’s natural resistance to EMI/RFI, ZapFREE takes advantage of fiber’s exceedingly low loss over distance. Low transmission loss allows separation of controller and a remote sensor to distances exceeding 1000 meters (3280 ft). Short or long, Micronor MR121 series ZapFREE Encoder Cables are turn-key solutions for troublesome controller-sensor connections found in many heavy duty industrial and other harsh environment applications; including plant machinery, robotic manufacturing systems, machine centers, elevators, conveyor belts, mining/drilling, radar antennae and transportation. MR121 ZapFREE Encoder Cables are made to order and any length from 3m (10 ft) to 1000m (3280 ft) – with other connector options also available. A typical 50 ft cable is $589 each in quantities of 100.About MicronorMicronor is a leading supplier of reliable and rugged components for industrial automation and process control industries as well as military, aerospace and other harsh environment applications. Motion control products include encoders, resolvers, cam timers, programmable limit switches, motorized potentiometers, pulse generators and ergonomic pendant stations. Micronor was founded in 1968 and has regional headquarters in both the United States and Europe.CONTACT INFORMATION (North America):Dennis HorwitzVice President, Sales & MarketingMicronor Inc.TEL: (805) 499-0114FAX: (805) 499-6585CONTACT INFORMATION (Europe, Asia, Africa and South America):Josef KaelinPresidentMicronor AG (Switzerland)TEL: +41-1-843-4020FAX: +41-1-843-4039www.micronor-inc.com

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