Mosaic Industries Introduces Low-Cost Board with Custom Assortment of Stackable I/O for Their SBC

  • March 31, 2004
  • Mosaic Industries, Inc.
  • News
Mosaic Industries has launched a compact integrated solution for OEM design engineers. Mosaic's new PowerDock™ provides a mechanical and electronic platform for a tiny low cost single-board computer (called the QCard™) and for up to 8 I/O expansion modules (the Wildcards™). Measuring only 2" x 2.5" for the slim version, or 4" x 2.5" for the wide version, the PowerDock/QCard/Wildcard solution packs a lot of control and I/O capability into a compact form factor."The combination of the PowerDock, QCard Controller, and I/O Wildcards provides a 'custom off-the-shelf' solution for instrumentation and control applications that require an embedded computer and a customized complement of analog, digital and communications I/O", says Michael Dorman, President of Mosaic Industries Inc.The PowerDock hosts a 1 amp 5 volt switching power supply, dual DB-9 serial connectors, a power jack, a master power switch, plus QCard and Wildcard interface connectors. The serial connectors, jack and switch are designed for easy mounting to an instrument panel.The PowerDock mates with the programmable QCard Controller, providing it with clean regulated 5V power, and bringing out the QCard’s dual serial ports to convenient connectors. Smaller than a credit card, the QCard sports a 16 MHz Motorola 68HC11F1 microprocessor, 512K Flash and 128K RAM, 512 bytes of EEPROM, 8 lines of programmable digital I/O, 8 bit analog-to-digital conversion, and dual RS232/485 ports. The QCard is easily programmed in C, Forth, or assembly using any PC.Wildcards are modular 2”x2.5” plug-in boards that are ideal for applications requiring multiple I/O points, high resolution data acquisition, multi-channel communications, and real-time control. The slim version of the PowerDock hosts a QCard plus up to 4 Wildcards. The standard PowerDock hosts a QCard plus up to 8 Wildcards in two stacks of up to 4 Wildcards each.Available Wildcards implement keypad/display interfaces, multichannel 12-bit D/A and 16-bit A/D converters, a 24-bit resolution analog data acquisition system, a 64 Megabyte Compact Flash card mass memory interface, a fast buffered RS232/422/485 dual UART, high voltage/high current I/O, and isolated AC or DC solid state relays.Scientific instruments, data logging, data acquisition of all sorts, and interfacing to sensors and actuators are among the many applications enabled by this product line.The PowerDock's pricing starts at only 94.00 for qty 1 with considerable OEM discounts.About Mosaic Industries IncSince 1985, Mosaic Industries, Inc. has been providing off-the shelf customized hardware solutions, from analysis to product design, for numerous applications such as industrial control, automation of industrial processes, product development and/or product upgrades, data acquisition, and scientific instruments. For further information call 510/790-1255 or visit

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