Opto 22 Introduces the SNAP-LCE Ethernet I/O Controller

  • January 22, 2004
  • News
Economical Ethernet Controller Delivers Faster, Higher Volume Processing for Industrial ApplicationsTemecula, CA — January 21, 2004 — Opto 22, a manufacturer and developer of hardware and software for industrial automation, remote monitoring, enterprise data acquisition, and machine-to-machine applications, has introduced the SNAP-LCE controller. The SNAP-LCE, part of Opto 22’s SNAP Ethernet Systems family, is a stand-alone, small-footprint, industrial controller designed for use with SNAP Ethernet-based I/O units and is used primarily in industrial control applications. The SNAP-LCE controller provides real-time control and is programmed with the included ioControl™, Opto 22’s popular flowchart-based control programming software and part of the company’s recently announced ioProject™ software suite. In a rugged, compact design, the SNAP-LCE includes a built-in 10/100-Mbps Fast Ethernet port for attaching the controller to Ethernet networks, to computers on the network running industrial automation software, and to Ethernet–based I/O systems, such as SNAP Simple, SNAP Ethernet, and SNAP Ultimate I/O units. No additional network interface cards are required. Communication with the controller can also be established through a modem connection using Point-to-Point (PPP) protocol over one of the two included serial ports—ideal for remote locations where an Ethernet network is not available or practical.The SNAP-LCE can run up to 15 ioControl flowcharts simultaneously—twice as many as its cousin, SNAP Ultimate I/O—and the total number of flowcharts allowed in a control strategy is limited only by the 8 MB of memory set aside for control strategy storage. When attached to an Ethernet network, the controller can transfer its data with Opto 22’s ioDisplay™, a human machine interface (HMI) application that is available separately as part of the recently announced ioProject software suite. In addition, using ioProject’s OLE for Process Control (OPC) 2.0-compliant server, OptoOPCServer™, data from the SNAP-LCE can be exchanged with any OPC client—including third-party HMIs, enterprise applications, and databases.The ability of the SNAP-LCE to process analog, digital, and serial signals, combined with its low cost, make SNAP-LCE ideal for both process control and discrete manufacturing applications whose I/O counts range from one to 512 points. In these environments, SNAP-LCE serves as the logic engine of a SNAP Ethernet-based control system running ioControl programs for a network of SNAP Ethernet-based I/O units.“The SNAP-LCE was developed in response to requests for an economical industrial controller with the power and networking capability of SNAP Ultimate I/O, but in a compact, stand-alone package,” states Mark Engman, Opto 22 Vice President of Engineering. “It’s lower cost, combined with it’s ability to network with multiple I/O units over standard Ethernet networks, fulfills this request. The new SNAP-LCE is an ideal addition to our full line of Ethernet-based I/O and control systems.”The SNAP-LCE Ethernet-based industrial controller is available immediately through a network of Opto 22 distributors, partners, and system integrators, or through Opto 22’s Web site at www.opto22.com. Pricing for the SNAP-LCE is $595 USD.About Opto 22Opto 22 manufactures and develops hardware and software products for applications in industrial automation, remote monitoring, and enterprise data acquisition. Using standard, commercially available Internet, networking, and computer technologies, Opto 22’s input/output and control systems allow customers to monitor, control, and acquire data from all of the mechanical, electrical, and electronic assets that are key to their business operations. Opto 22's products and services support automation end users, OEMs, and information technology and operations personnel. Founded in 1974 and with over 80 million Opto 22-connected devices deployed worldwide, the company has an established reputation for quality and reliability.Opto 22 products are sold through a worldwide network of distributors, partners, and system integrators. For more information, contact Opto 22 headquarters at 800-321-OPTO or visit our Web site at www.opto22.com.

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