Phoenix Contact Chooses PROFInet As Its Preferred Interbus-Ethernet Solution

  • June 07, 2004
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Scottsdale, AZ–June 1, 2004–The PROFIBUS Trade Organization (PTO) has announced that Phoenix Contact will support PROFInet as its preferred Ethernet solution for Interbus. The Interbus technology will now be adapted to integrate with the PROFInet environment. This decision was made in response to the demands of the automotive industry and other large user groups who see the advantage of a standardized Ethernet-based solution. According to Roland Bent of Phoenix Contact, the company "has decided to direct its efforts consistently toward PROFInet technologies and to work in close cooperation with PNO and its member companies to further develop this technology. In this way the two standardized fieldbus technologies will be consolidated into one Ethernet platform." "This responds to the demands of large user groups such as the automotive industry," said Bent, referring to a recent call from the German automotive industry association - VDA - asking manufacturers to develop a standardized Ethernet-based solution since "only in this way do we see a real advantage to the end user." Phoenix Contact will now 'extrapolate' the advantages of Interbus to the PROFInet world. Product implementation will be seen in gateways and proxies, as well as control systems and I/O modules coupling directly with PROFInet. Engineering tools will also be developed. PROFIBUS International Chairman Edgar Kuester commented: "This supports our original decision to make PROFInet an open technical solution able to embrace any fieldbus technology and its underlying philosophies. PROFInet also recognizes the de-centralized nature of today's automation structures and the critical need to integrate easily and securely with standard IT systems. We are delighted to have the support of Phoenix Contact and Interbus and it's clear that PROFInet is now poised for a major leap forward." With 10 million installed PROFIBUS nodes and 6.5 million installed Interbus nodes PROFInet is positioned to be the dominant industrial Ethernet solution. PROFInet is a modern standard for distributed automation standards and is based on Ethernet. It integrates existing fieldbus systems, specifically PROFIBUS, simply and without change. The use of established Ethernet-based IT technologies allows the connection of the automation/plant level with the corporate management level, including the direct exchangeability of order and production data. Internet connectivity can make it possible to initiate orders and carry out remote servicing and maintenance measures. All interested parties can also download an all-new PROFInet Technology and Application Guide immediately at The PROFIBUS Trade Organization (PTO) is a non-profit corporation working to enhance the PROFIBUS and PROFInet standards while educating and assisting device manufacturers throughout North and South America on the latest extensions and conformance tests associated with PROFIBUS and PROFInet. For additional information contact the PTO at 16101 North 82nd Street, Suite. 3B, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Phone 480-483-2456; FAX 480-483-7202. Internet:

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