PIAB Introduces The Compact P2010 Multi-Stage Ejector Pump

  • March 15, 2004
  • PIAB Vacuum Products
  • News
Smallest Multi-Staged Ejector Vacuum Pump in the WorldHingham, MA, —PIAB Vacuum Products, a leading manufacturer of industrial vacuum products and components, introduces the P2010, a multi-stage ejector vacuum pump featuring PIAB’s patented COAX™ technology. The P2010 is ideal for applications requiring light and reliable pick-ups such as electronics production, pharmaceutical processing and auto manufacturing.Believed to be the smallest multi-staged ejector vacuum pump in the world, the P2010 stands only 1.08 inches high and weighs just 0.54 ounces. While most pumps require at least 59-87 psi, the P2010 can generate a vacuum of 24.9 inHg at a feed pressure of only 26 psi, reducing compressed air costs by up to 50 percent. Concurrently, the P2010 produces 100 percent higher vacuum flow compared with other traditional single-stage ejectors on the market.The P2010 features PIAB’s patented COAX technology, an ejector technology based on a multi-stage concept for creating vacuum with compressed air. COAX™ integrates the internal components of a multi-stage vacuum pump into a vacuum cartridge. The result is a smaller, more efficient, more reliable and highly flexible technology that allows users to design a modular system.Unlike electric vacuum pumps, ejector pumps do not give off heat, so no cooling is needed. Additionally, the P2010’s small size prevents it from needing rigid mounting, making it easy to install. The P2010 also works with a feed pressure of 87-101.5 psi, but this is excess capacity, not normally needed.About PIAB PIAB Vacuum Products is a leader in developing innovative vacuum technology for use in automated material handling and factory automation processes. PIAB provides innovative solutions designed to help improve productivity and efficiency in manufacturing processes around the world. For more information about PIAB’s complete line of conveyors, contact, PIAB USA, Inc., 65 Sharp Street, Hingham, MA 02043, or call 1-800-321-7422; visit www.piab.com.

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