Power-IO Solid State Relays Now Include A High Speed Family For Switching DC Loads, DC Servos, or DC Robotics

  • March 25, 2004
  • Power-io
  • News
The Power-io solid state relays now include a high speed family for switching DC loads, DC servos, or DC robotics. The relays are tested at 15,000 on/off cycles per second for fast response to command signals. With a control input requirement of 4-32vdc and 6-10mA, the relays are compatible with standard TTL logic systems, PLC, PCs, or customized control systems. The solid state relays have no parts to wear out and they are immune to mechanical contact bounce. High speed applications include: robotic control, CNC motor positioning, pulse width modulated dc motors, and X-Y positioning motors using high acceleration, low-inertia, precision start/stop capabilities. Other applications include: DC vending machine motors, battery back-up systems, automotive or truck applications, drone vehicles, and racing boat control (trim, pumps, fuel management), The Power-io product has a green LED for input status indication and is available for 0-100 VDC switching of loads up to 12, 20 or 40 amps. The part numbers are: HDD-1V12, HDD-1V20, and HDD-1V40.For more information, please contact www.power-io.com.

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