SIXNET Introduces Industrial Telephone Modem with 56K Connection Speed

  • March 25, 2004
  • News
SIXNET has developed a new industrial telephone modem that offers the latest advanced features. The VT-MODEM-5 embraces call back security, which prevents unauthorized access and ensures that your data is secure. This allows the user to configure the modem so that only authorized users with a specified password can access it. The modem also has a powerful remote configuration utility that enables the user to send AT commands to it over the phone line. This permits configuration from thousands of miles away which saves time and money that would be spent visiting the site. In addition, the VT-MODEM-5 has a "Block COM port until connected" feature which is necessary for devices that constantly transmit data. The fast 56K V.92 connection speed is ideal for applications that need to transmit large amounts of data in the shortest time. This means less overhead and faster throughput. The new modem is rated -30 to 70°C operation and is tough enough for Class 1, Div. 2 (Zone 2) hazardous locations. Like most SIXNET products, this modem also allows for DIN Rail or flat panel mounting. Besides this, it is DC powered, which means no more bulky AC adapters. It has a long term availability and support guarantee for OEMs as well as end users. SIXNET's VT-MODEM product line has a world wide rating that allows it to be compatible in over 110 different countries. SIXNET also has several other industrial telephone modems to meet your needs. For additional information, visit their web site at

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