WAGO Announces Release of Their Newly Enhanced Website

  • April 19, 2004
  • WAGO Corporation
  • News
Germantown, WI, April 2004 - WAGO announces the release of their newly enhanced website. Highly interactive features have been incorporated to streamline your access to real-time data and tools.Information is literally a click or two away as you scan over the new icons and headings that use common sense names. It is easy and fast to search WAGO’s entire product line, as well as to access data sheets and review the multi-national approvals on the over 10,000 products that WAGO presently offers. Additionally, the new website seamlessly interfaces full database upgrades for WAGO’s electronic catalog, ProServe 4.0, or any of the other WAGO supported software programs.“We have made some major changes to the website to make it easier for people to have almost everything within a few clicks of the mouse,” said John Kenworthy, Marketing Communications Manager at WAGO. “Some new areas included dramatically reducing flash to allow faster access to areas of the site from anywhere and any page, in addition to providing 3D IGES & STEP images of products, with DXF & DWG’s being added daily.” Throughout the website a visitor has many opportunities to interact right from the page they are on. For example, when viewing upcoming trade shows that WAGO will be exhibiting in you can schedule a meeting or, for upcoming training seminars registration can be completed on-line 24/7. Totally free access to virtually every area of the website (including free software downloads for the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM), without having to complete redundant registration screens. WAGO is the worldwide leader in spring pressure connection technology designed to eliminate loose wires as a result of vibration and temperature cycling, as well as provide a highly reliable, corrosion resistant, and maintenance-free connection. Our complete line of spring pressure connection products include DIN rail mount terminal blocks, chassis mount terminal blocks, PCB mount terminal blocks, relays, signal conditioners, power supplies, surge suppressors, the WAGO I/O SYSTEM and more.For more information contact WAGO at 1-800-DIN-RAIL, info.us@wago.com, or www.wago.com.

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