ABB's New Automation System 800xA Chosen by World Leading Cobalt & Nickel Producer

  • July 13, 2004
  • ABB
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Manchester, England, July 13, 2004--ABB's recently launched extended automation system, System 800xA, has been purchased by the world's leading producer and refiner of cobalt and the world's fifth largest producer of nickel, for its Manchester UK facility.OM Group Inc produces metal organics for use in various end use industries particularly paints, printing, tyres and petrochemicals. When installed and commissioned, later this year, System 800xA will be used for batch management of a range of speciality chemicals including cobalt. It will control the reactors on the facility's main production unit as well as controlling the sequencing of the various stages of the process.System 800xA features 880 I/O points and replaces a 20 year old Kent P4000 system. "The ability to take OMG's existing P4000 and apply our Industrial IT solution directly, saved the company having to re-write specifications, thereby saving costs," explains ABB's Ernie Sidebotham.Key to this batch control application is ABB's redundant batch management solution. This is a comprehensive recipe management, batch and procedural control software package for flexible production management and is fully integrated with the 800xA system through to the production management displays and batch reporting facilities. It provides manufacturers with the flexibility, speed and control they need to respond to increasing production demands while reducing life cycle costs and production downtime.OMG's Rey Duckworth says: "ABB made a survey of our process and recommended the 800xA as the most suitable system. We were very happy to stay with ABB as we have had good service out of the current system. With the addition of the batch package, the 800xA is a good fit for our requirements. Continuity is good and the 800xA can be installed as a direct replacement for the P4000 system."System 800xA uses the ABB aspect-object technology to provide personalised graphics and documentation to the users of the system. OMG's System 800xA consists of two operator stations, along with one engineering station. The system also comprises three AC800M controllers and S800 I/O.The ability to capture all documentation on-line was a key attraction of the ABB solution. For example, quality control personnel have the ability to automatically update figures into a spreadsheet, for each batch, directly to their local PC.Such remote terminals mean that plant personnel can see precise plant operational data from their local PC by simply calling up the relevant screens whenever needed. The plant teams can quickly feed back data into the system, saving time and thereby increasing production rates.A whole raft of new reporting and additional management information is opened up such as product reports, product yield and analysis of this information.Says Duckworth: "The increased amount of management information that the system gives us will greatly improve our efficiency. Batch records will let us make batch to batch comparisons, allowing the production department to fine tune the process in order to achieve the ultimate goal of the ideal batch."Industrial IT System 800xA extends far beyond the reach of traditional automation systems to achieve the productivity gains necessary to succeed in today's business markets. This reach extends well beyond the realm of essential process control to production management, safety systems, smart instrumentation, smart drives and motor control, robotics, information management, asset optimization and documentation. Its unique engineering environment manages one set of consistent data, for single-point entry, single-point change, and re-use across the plant.System 800xA is part of ABB's award winning suite of integrated Industrial IT solutions; these solutions address the challenges that automation customers face in today's global marketplace. ABB's comprehensive Industrial IT portfolio of products is focused on delivering productivity and profits to automation customers. ABB's product strategy is for evolution through enhancement to protect customer investment.ABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impacts. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 113,000 people.

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