Aerotech Introduces Nservo Controller Module - Retrofit Analog Motion Control Systems With Digital Controls

  • November 17, 2004
  • Aerotech Inc
  • News
Use to retrofit your existing system with new controls – extend the life of your capital equipmentEngineered for fast changeoverSupports 2 (standard) or 4 closed-loop servo axesEach axis has three-phase ±10 volt outputs to drive any amplifierFireWire® enabled servo controller for simplified wiringSoftware configurable for brush, brushless, and stepper motor operation provides flexibilityOptional Ethernet port to connect additional I/OEncoder or resolver feedback acceptedIncludes terminal block, D connector, and legacy OP500 connector options to reduce wiringNservo complements the Automation 3200 “soft” controller’s network digital drives (Ndrive, NLdrive, NCdrive, and Npaq), allowing any industry standard analog transconductance amplifier (voltage command, current output) to interface to Aerotech's digital drive network. It is connected via the IEEE-1394 (FireWire®) communication bus that provides deterministic behavior, auto-identification, and easy software setup from the NMotion SMC software controller.Nservo is a digital 2- or 4-axis (position and velocity) servo controller with up to 20 kHz sample time. It is compatible with encoders or resolvers and provides a ±10 VDC three-phase command to any amplifier. With 11 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 4 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs (in addition to the 8 analog outputs that drive the amplifier), and expandable I/O, Nservo will accommodate most system I/O requirements. As with the Ndrive series, only a single 4-wire cable is needed to communicate with the motion generator on the PC. Other features include limits, E-stop, brake, auxiliary feedback input, high-speed latching inputs, and Ethernet.Nservo offers three different options to make your retrofit easy and economical. The standard Nservo (Nservo-DB) may be used to upgrade an existing Aerotech system with analog servo amplifiers, such as Aerotech’s BA amplifier series, to the Automation 3200. Aerotech’s DR300/DR500/DR600/DR800 drive racks may also be upgraded via the Nservo with the -OP option. The Nservo with -TB option may be used to interface third party, non-Aerotech servo amplifiers to the A3200 platform minimizing wiring to separate breakout blocks.For more information visit:

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