Aerotech Introduces The ATS125 Series Linear Ball-Screw Stage

  • July 06, 2004
  • Aerotech Inc
  • News
The ATS125 is Aerotech’s smallest hardcover, side-sealed linear stage. The integral brushless motor reduces the overall footprint of the stage enabling its deployment in space-constrained applications, while the hardcover provides protection from debris created in the manufacturing process. The robust aluminum cover is hard-coated for scratch resistance, and the side seals keep dirt and particulates out of the stage and protect the bearing surfaces from contamination. The vertical orientation of the seals easily deflects debris away from the stage. Top seal designs can collect debris, resulting in the eventual failure and replacement of the sealing mechanism. Integral MotorThe ATS125 with integral motor option directly couples a brushless motor to the ball-screw drive. This eliminates the flexible coupling typically present in screw-driven stages, yielding a stiffer system with higher servo bandwidth. The lack of a coupling also improves system reliability by removing a component susceptible to failure. The integral motor is enclosed in a modular subassembly that, if required, can be easily replaced in the field. The motor is based on a slotless design that provides ultra-smooth velocity operation due to the complete absence of torque ripple. Highly ConfigurableStandard- and precision-grade ball-screw options are available to closely match the price/performance point of a wide variety of positioning applications. Square-wave encoder output with a net resolution of 1 micron for 10 mm ball screw and 0.5 micron for 5 mm ball screw is standard with the integral motor. An optional analog output encoder can be coupled with external interpolation electronics to provide higher resolution. The stage is also available specially prepared for vacuum operation. A holding brake can be added to the integral motor modular assembly for vertical applications.For more information, please contact Steve McLane at 412-967-6854. Website:

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