Ashcroft® Low Differential Pressure Gauge is a Better Alternative

  • November 22, 2004
  • News
The newly-released Ashcroft® Type 1134 pressure gauge is a great value for customers looking for a rugged, yet cost-effective solution to measure low differential pressure. In addition to the exclusive field-adjustable low-cost switch option, this new product brings standard features to the differential pressure gauge market that, until now, were either not offered or were provided only as options on competitor's products. Dual side or back connections; panel mounting hardware; higher static pressure than comparable gauges; stainless steel case; and four wrench flats are all part of the standard Ashcroft® Type1134 gauge package. And although this product delivers more features, it is competitively priced. The unit was designed to fit a 49/16th panel cutout or to be pipe or surface mounted. The low-cost switch option can have up to two set points, is field adjustable and is enclosed in an IP65 watertight housing.This new Ashcroft® Type 1134 differential pressure gauge is well-suited for fume hoods, filter monitoring and bio-pharm applications and for flow processes.

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