Datastick Introduces Portable Measurement, Test and Datalogging For Palm™ Handhelds

  • August 12, 2004
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New features include strip-chart recorder emulation and up to 8 analog input channels for user's sensors, digital-switch input and output linesCAMPBELL, CA, AUGUST 12, 2004 - Datastick Systems, Inc., once again changes the way instrumentation is done, with today's release of the DatastickR DAS-1254 and DAS-1294 data acquisition systems: including two new hardware modules that attach to Palm(TM) PDAs, three new members of the Datastick Connection(TM) suite of software applications that run on Palm handhelds, and a fast, easy way to get information from a handheld instrument to the desktop pc.New DatastickR Report System(TM) (DRS) software eliminates one of the most frustrating problems of portable datalogging and handheld instruments: the ability to quickly view the measurement data on the desktop pc, to integrate with standard databases and other software applications in the enterprise, and to publish the data in reports and on the Web with ease. At the push of a button, DRS uses a newly developed software conduit that translates the proprietary data format into a file that Microsoft Excel software can read, copies it to the pc, launches Microsoft Excel on the pc, and seamlessly loads the data into the DRS workbook.Among the many other new features are: up to 8 analog input channels, strip-chart recorder emulation, enhanced power management, lower analog input noise, and faster sample rates.The new DAS-1254 and the DAS-1294 data acquisition modules, which firmly attach to the Palm handheld, have 4 and 8 analog input channels respectively, with 12-bit resolution. Users attach their analog sensors to the Datastick hardware module, making a complete portable instrumentation system for measuring pressure, acceleration, etc.Datastick Connection(TM) software has also been upgraded. New Datastick Connection 3.5 and Datastick Connection Plus 3.5, as well as a new product, Datastick Connection Lite, all provide a real-time strip-chart display with adjustable line patterns and symbols.Designed for most Palm series-m and Tungsten TM) T handhelds, the new DAS units also provide a digital counter input line for tachometer or accumulating purposes; a digital-switch input line for triggering, and two digital-switch output lines to start and stop external devices. New power management features and enhanced circuitry aid battery life."Users have asked for a strip-chart display for the simple reason that that's what they're familiar with. We've answered the call and then some. Because now they can see a familiar strip-chart on the screen, and then--with the push of a button--see the data in a familiar Excel spreadsheet on their pc.," said Michael Scandling, Vice President of Marketing for Datastick Systems. "We've reduced training time to nearly zero, because we've kept things within a familiar framework."Three new software packagesDatastick Connection 3.5 software displays sensor data in real time with user-definable display rates. The software provides four viewing modes for real-time display: numeric display, real-time bar graph with adjustable patterns, gauge view with virtual needle movements or real-time strip-chart emulation. Includes Datastick Report System software.Datastick Connection Plus 3.5 offers all the functionality of Datastick Connection software, plus an enhanced feature set, including three alarms per channel, independent channel assignment, digital control logic, and level-sensitive automatic data logging. Includes Datastick Report System software.Datastick Connection Lite software displays sensor data in real time with user-definable display rates. The software provides real-time strip-chart with adjustable lines and symbols. Included at no charge with the DAS-1254 and DAS-1294 systems."Datastick's new hardware has been redesigned from the ground up with new analog circuitry and power management features. With this and our new 20-pin connector, analog input noise is lessened and battery life is lengthened," said Steve Sabram, Chief Technology Officer and President. "In portable instrumentation, power consumption makes all the difference."The internal sample rate of the new Datastick hardware is 20 KHz. When used with Datastick Connection, Datastick Connection Lite, or Datastick Connection Plus software, the DAS-1254 and DAS-1294 provide real-time sensor-to-display sample rates up to 20 samples or more per second per channel."Datastick is once again pushing the portable instrumentation envelope--this time in terms of usability. No longer just for field and lab spot measurement, Datastick DAS systems now provide the basis for full integration that reaches from the sensor to the handheld to the pc through to the enterprise--and beyond," said Penny F. Melrose, General Manager.Prices start at $495 for Datastick DAS-1254 system with free Datastick Connection Lite software and 20-pin connector; bundled with a 6-foot cable, it is $537; for the DAS-1294 it is $595 and $637. Datastick Connection software is priced at $195; Datastick Connection Plus is $245.The DAS-1254 and Das-1294 systems will ship by the end of august. They can be seen at the Instrumentation Society of America's Datastick Systems, Inc., designs and develops cost-effective handheld data acquisition products for a broad range of industrial, scientific, governmental, environmental, and educational markets. Datastick developed the first general-purpose data acquisition hardware and software system for the Palm platform. Datastick is located at 51 Campbell Ave., Suite 51, Campbell, CA 95008. For more information, contact Datastick Systems, Inc., at 408 871-3300, fax 408 871 3313, email or visit the web site at

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