Evolution Robotics Introduces 'LaneHawk' Loss Prevention Technology

  • July 21, 2004
  • Evolution Robotics
  • News
Evolution Robotics today announced the availability of LaneHawk, a loss-prevention solution for retailers that automatically rings up items placed under the shopping cart, turning potential losses into profits. Using Evolution Robotics' patented object recognition technology, LaneHawk ensures retailers are getting paid for every item that passes through their checkout lanes. This unique system identifies items that retailers train it to, thereby eliminating cashier oversight, deterring theft, and reducing the potential for lost revenues in the process.For grocery and 'big-box' retail outlets that rely on shopping carts, LaneHawk is an effective solution for drastically reducing bottom of the basket losses that current systems simply cannot match. Retail theft and inventory shrinkage are a significant problem for retailers; Evolution Robotics' LaneHawk helps combat this growing trend and puts profits back where they belong - and not walking out the door because of a weak loss-prevention system. To learn more on LaneHawk please visit www.evolution.com/product/oem/retail.masn.

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