Expertune's PlantTriage is Saving Kruger Paper One Million Dollars Annually

  • November 30, 2004
  • ExperTune Inc
  • News
According to plant personnel at the Kruger Wayagamack facility in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada, ExperTune PlantTriage automatic diagnostic software has increased the efficiey of the #4 paper machine by 2% annually. This 2% increase corresponds to over a million dollars annually. A video documentary explains in detail how Kruger achieved the percentage increase in efficiency and their goal of fast startup. The video is available 2003, Kruger started up a new paper machine. Kruger chose to install PlantTriage to assist with their goal of fast startup. PlantTriage helped them surpass their startup curve by 3 months. The Kruger Wayagamack mill manager said: "It is one of the best startups ever in Kruger history."Within 2 weeks of receiving the software, Kruger had installed it and was receiving diagnostic information. This diagnostic information identified trouble spots in the plant, preventing at least 3 shut-downs in the early startup phase of the paper machine. According to the Superintendent of Production, "The paper machine start-up began on November 1, 2003. We made the first ton of light coated paper on November 7, 2003. Within one week, we were able to produce the final paper for the grades we wanted."But the benefits did not end at startup. Kruger's use of PlantTriage resulted in a 2% annual increase in paper machine efficiency. According to Kruger's Instrumentation Supervisor, "We are actually working on a project to install PlantTriage in the rest of our plant, where we have the Kraft mechanical pulp process, the secondary treatment and all the other plant processes. We want to add about 700 control loops in PlantTriage in order to monitor all our process sequences. Our goal is to be able to optimize the whole plant with PlantTriage before the end of 2004."For 18 years, ExperTune has created award winning optimization software that runs in thousands of plants world-wide. ExperTune's full suite of optimization tools are designed to increase the efficiency of processes. PlantTriage is an automatic diagnostic system for the entire plant, ensuring optimal operation. The company's analysis tools include simulation, modeling, robustness, linearization, valve wear analysis, pH linearizer, time series analysis, multivariable, statistical, frequency response, and PID tuning tools. For More information: ExperTune Inc. 4734 Sonseeahray DriveHubertus, Wisconsin WI 53033USATel: +1 262 628 0088E-mail: - Website:

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