IMB Enterprises, Inc. Announces Aboundi™ WiFi Ethernet (IEEE 802.11b) ARS1000 Serial Bridge

  • September 14, 2004
  • IMB Enterprises, Inc.
  • News
IMB Enterprises, Inc. of Bridgewater, VT has signed with Aboundi Network Technologies, LLC of Hollis, New Hampshire in the capacity of a Manufacturer's Representative. Aboundi, Network Technologies, LLC is the manufacturer of the ARS1000 Serial Bridge, which is a hardware computing device dedicated to networked systems requirements. The dual ported (two DB9 RS232 Ports) Aboundi (tm) ARS1000 Serial Bridge enables WiFi Ethernet communications for a wide range of computing devices otherwise restricted to serial, RS232 data communications. The two DB9 ports support either a Data Communications Equipment (DCE) or Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) serial interface, thereby making for the potential of a failure-proof device connection scenario for RS232. With the two ports, the customer has the added option of using both ports to support simultaneous communications to two RS232 devices. An installation program is included with the product for configuration of capabilities.Mike Blonder, President of IMB Enterprises, Inc. notes that the AboundiTM ARS1000 opens up Ethernet communications capabilities and, ultimately, the potential for closer integration with IT systems. As well, a much gentler user interface, that can benefit from readily available Ethernet communications tools, is provided for devices that have been 'left out in the cold' throughout the evolution of Ethernet over TCP/IP communications into today's overwhelmingly dominant data networking medium. Even better, the ARS1000 benefits from the commodity nature of WiFi Ethernet transmission systems (so-called Access Points or Wireless Routers, etc). Customers can be sure that the transmission equipment required to support the ARS1000 in its 'Infrastructure' mode of operation is readily available and reasonably priced."” Blonder goes on to note that "the product has been tested in both 'Adhoc' and 'Infrastructure' mode with test and measurement instruments. We have found its performance to be completely reliable. When used in conjunction with a package such as TCP-Com from Tal Technologies, Inc. 'virtual' serial ports can be aliased to TCP/IP addresses and sockets, thereby opening the door to wireless device access for data acquisition and collection over an Ethernet network."”A wide range of industrial computing markets, including, but not limited to Test and Measurement; Laboratory Automation; Retail Point of Sale; Industrial Process Control; and Electronic Displays and Messaging Signage have shown an interest in the product. The Aboundi (tm) ARS1000 has an MSRP of $399.95. A single user license for TCP-COM has an MSRP of $129.50. IMB Enterprises, Inc. is based in Bridgewater, VT, 05034, on the second floor of 101 Mill Rd. The company website may be found at

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