IXXAT Introduces FlexRay Analysis Tool and PC Interface

  • December 21, 2004
  • Ixxat, Inc.
  • News
With the Multibus-Analyser and the FlexRay CCM, IXXAT offers a powerful analysis tool for FlexRay and CAN systems. The Multibus-Analyser allows simultaneous analysis of the FlexRay and CAN message traffic and can display the signals received in interpreted form as plaintext or as a graphic. Interpretation of the messages received is based on the ASAM Fibex standard. Recording of the messages on hard disk, e.g. for long-term analysis, can be carried out with the aid of a trace module. Comprehensive trigger and filter functions are available for this purpose. For the stimulation of network nodes, static and dynamic FlexRay messages as well as CAN messages can be transmitted. The Multibus-Analyser has a Scripting-Host interface, via which customer-specific applica-tions can be run. The FlexRay CCM PC interface has two Flex-Ray and two CAN channels and is connected to the PC via a Fast-Ethernet interface. With its powerful processor system (MPC 866, 130 MHz), the FlexRay CCM can process and store even large quantities of data. Connection to the FlexRay bus is by means of current FlexRay chips (MFR4200, MFR4200A). An upgrade to future chip ver-sions can be implemented via IP modules. The Windows driver included in the scope of supply enables the use of the interface in con-nection with the Multibus-Analyser as well as the creation of own PC-based applications. With its Rapid-Prototyping interface, the FlexRay CCM can also be used as a de-velopment platform for own FlexRay devices. For this, IXXAT provides a board support package, which includes a driver interface for the internal hardware architecture. Further information on the FlexRay products of IXXAT can be obtained at www.ixxat.de.General information about IXXAT Automation GmbH IXXAT Automation GmbH is a leading supplier of data communication systems for industrial automation and automotive applications. The main technologies in the field of industrial communication systems are solu-tions based on CAN (CANopen, DeviceNet), Ethernet (Ethernet PowerLink, Ethernet/IP) as well as TCP/IP with the associated Internet protocols. For automotive applications, IXXAT focuses on solutions based on CAN (diagnosis protocols, SAE J1939), FlexRay and LIN. The product range comprises interface boards, test systems, analysing tools and protocol software.As of December 2004, IXXAT provides work for 60 employees, predominantly engineers skilled in electronic engineering and computer science and has a certified quality assurance management according to ISO9001. Our customers are well-known companies all over the world from the industrial and automotive sectors.IXXAT supports its customers completely in the establishment and application of communication systems based on CAN and TCP/IP, from seminars and consulting, design of system solutions, development and implementation of hardware and software to the supply of a complete product line.

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