Online Development Introduces xCoupler Enterprise Transaction Modules for Communications Between Plant Floor Devices and Enterprise Servers

  • October 26, 2004
  • News
Knoxville, TN – Secure and simple two-tier data communications between various plant floor devices and a wide range of enterprise server types are now available through the use of xCoupler™ enterprise transaction modules from Online Development Inc. These modules eliminate the need for a patchwork of complex multi-tier interfaces using PCs and human machine interfaces (HMIs) to bring proprietary machine and device data to corporate servers. xCoupler modules are designed to fit into the racks of popular brands of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), or be mounted onto a DIN rail that manages manufacturing or processing data. Several module types have been developed for popular enterprise server configurations. Programming modules to accommodate various factory floor devices such as PLCs, sensors, actuators, drives, bar code scanners, robots, RFID controllers, etc. is accomplished using the xCoupler module’s WorkBench™ software tool. Its drag and drop configurator makes programming simple and easy with no special programming skills required. It also eliminates the need for enterprise drivers and upgrade maintenance in the future. In addition to simple and fast operation and setup, these modules eliminate the security, virus and data integrity problems associated with PC-operated multi-tier systems connected to the enterprise. The xCoupler module’s operating system is virtually immune to security problems and virus attacks and provides exceptional data accuracy and timeliness. Plant floor devices cannot affect the operation of the xCoupler module and the module’s operation cannot affect plant floor devices. The current product offering includes modules for the Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix® PLC from Rockwell Automation and a Universal module for DIN rail mounting. Popular enterprise communications interfaces currently available include IBM® WebSphere® MQ and DB2, Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL, SMTP and TCP/IP. Additional PLC modules and enterprise interfaces are currently being developed for other brands of PLCs and enterprise interfaces. xCoupler modules have been jointly developed by Online Development and ILS Technology LLC, a Park-Ohio Company. Online Development is a “fast track” developer of factory automation hardware and software for OEMs such as Rockwell Automation and ProSoft. ILS Technology is a highly specialized organization that develops and installs applications and software tools to help manufacturers of semiconductor devices and equipment, as well as automotive manufacturers achieve greater production efficiencies through the use of technology.

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