PMDi Releases the MW-10 Servo Module for MotionWire™

  • October 14, 2004
  • Precision MicroDynamics, Inc. (PMDi)
  • News
Victoria, B.C., October, 2004 - PMDi, the industry leader in high performance motion control and data acquisition announces the MW-10 Servo Module for MotionWireTM. The MW-10 connects servo motors to MotionWire, PMDi's 480Mbps motion control data acquisition network. Brush-type, brush-less, rotary and linear dc-motors are all compatible with MW-10 input and output connections. Each MW-10 servo module can connect up to 4 servo motor axes. Multiple MW-10 modules can be attached to a MotionWire network. The Figure below represents a 16 axis servo motor system that employs four MW-10 modules. Each MW-10 module has inputs and outputs for a variety of servo motor configurations. The inputs and outputs are shown in the following table and include ABZ qudrature decoders, analog outputs, digital inputs and outputs, high-speed position capture and position compare and two differential analog inputs. The figure below shows an example of brush-less dc motor configuration. The MW-10 connects to a linear quadrature encoder, Hall inputs, limit switches, amplifier enables and it provides control signals for a BLDC motor amplifier. The MW-10 can enable sinusoidal commutation based on the quadrature encoder inputs. Two sinusoidally commutated BLDC motors may be connected to a single MW-10 module.The next figure shows an example of rotary brush-type dc motor configuration. The MW-10 connects to a rotary quadrature encoder, limit switches, amplifier enables and it provides a control signal for a brush type dc motor amplifier. Four brush type motors may be connected to a MW-10 module. Position Capture The MW-10 has four position capture inputs. When the state of the position capture digital input changes, the current content of the position decoder register is latched and stored for later use. The latency of the capture event is 25ns. Position CompareThe MW-10 has four position compare outputs. A 32-bit digital value is loaded into the position compare register. When the value of a position decoder register is identically equal to the value in the position compare register, the state of the compare digital output changes. The latency of this compare process is exactly 250ns. Analog Inputs Two ±10V differential analog inputs are available on the MW-10. The input resolution is 14bits (16,384 levels) and settling time is 10 microseconds. MotionWire Network MotionWire is a master-slave network using a star / daisy chain topology. The DMC100 is a PCI-bus DSP based controller configured as Master in the Master-Slave network with 4 MotionWire ports. Each MotionWire port runs at 120Mbps, with 4 ports a communication rate of 480Mbps is achieved. MotionWire cable lengths can range from 0.25m - 100m which allows for easy integration into compact OEM machines, remote applications, large machines, assembly lines or control room applications. Each MotionWire port supports a daisy chain for up to 16 devices. MotionWire devices are available for servo motors, stepper motors, digital I/O and analog I/O. With 4 MotionWire ports the DMC100 can support up to 64 modules for multi-axis motion control and data acquisition. The master controller performs motion control computations which include set-point generation, PID feedback control and other motion control and data acquisition functions. Data communicated across MotionWire is arranged in 32-bit words that represent encoder positions, digital and analog inputs and outputs. MotionWire is provided on all PMDi motion controllers including the DMC100, MC4000, MC8000, eDMC100, MFIO-4A and MFIO-8A. For more information on this product, Request Product Catalog or Contact PMDi. You may also visit their website at www.pmdi.comAbout PMDi PMDi is the industry leader in high-performance motion control and data acquisition. PMDi has customers in a variety of industries including CNC, semiconductor, data storage, automotive, medical and aerospace. PMDi strengths include general motion control (GMC), computer numerical control (CNC) and test & measurement (T&M).

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