R2 Controls Introduces Low-Cost, High Performance Microprocessor Core Module for Embedded Control Applications

  • July 28, 2004
  • R2 Controls, Inc.
  • News
July 20, 2004 -- ROSEVILLE, CA -- R2 Controls today announced general availability of the R108 Hypercore Microprocessor Core Module. The Hypercore Microprocessor Core Module is designed to simplify integration and engineering of embedded microcontroller projects and thereby reduce the time to market and increase profitability. Based on the Silicon LaboratoriesTM 8051 system-on chip processor, the Hypercore combines 64K FLASH, 128K SRAM and amazingly fast performance with a vast array of I/O, serial communications capabilities and connectors to enhance integration with most any controller project design.The R108 Hypercore Microprocessor Core Module is designed for engineers who need more than a simple stripped down core module. The R2 Controls Hypercore comes standard with up to 16 Precision Analog Channels with up to 12-bit Resolution. 2 12-bit Analog Outputs are available. The Hypercore is also readily adaptable into the production platforms of many projects because of its extremely small footprint, low cost in comparison with engineering its capabilities into a larger or more complex controller, and the high performance of the 25 MIPS microprocessor. “The R108 Hypercore Microprocessor Core Module is another customer solution in R2 Controls’ established family of affordable, high performance and versatile line of microcontrollers and associated peripheral products,” stated R2 Controls President, Tim Hinchey.Specifications and Performance Highlights The R108 Hypercore Microprocessor Core Module incorporates the Silicon Laboratories C8051F020 microprocessor running at 22.1 MHz with pipelined instruction architecture executing 70% of the instructions in 1-3 system clocks. There are 64K Flash Memory and 128K SRAM with battery backup. The Hypercore includes 8 12-bit high precision resolution and 8 8-bit resolution Analog Inputs as well as 2-12-bit Analog Outputs. There are over 30 Digital I/O.Communications capabilities include 2 Serial Ports, 1RS232 and 1 TTL. SPITM and I2CTM are also supported. A JTAG port is provided for connecting to a PC for programming in C. Basic programming is accomplished through the Serial Port. 5 16-bit Timers are available. The Hypercore operates at 5-9VDC and consumes less than .25 watts. Power Monitoring and Sleep Mode functions are supported. R2 Controls provides a choice of two Hypercore Module Development Kits to facilitate the rapid and effective utilization of the R108 Hypercore Microprocessor Core Module. The “Basic” Hypercore Development Kit is used for programming in BASIC and includes the Development Board, the R108 Hypercore Core Module, the Power Transformer, a Serial Cable and a CD with the Basic Interpreter Software, the API, the operating instructions and sample programs. The “Deluxe” Development Kit contains all of these components, plus a Programming Adapter and Cable, which enable the R108 Hypercore to be programmed in C. “The R108 Hypercore Microprocessor Core Module will integrate with almost any industrial microcontroller product on the market today,” according to R2 Controls Chief Technology Officer Rich Kirkpatrick. “The Hypercore will definitely facilitate design and engineering of most embedded microcontroller projects and greatly improves the time to market time and profitability.” R2 Controls also provides telephone technical support to aid customers during project development and deployment.Price and Availability – Introductory OfferThe Basic Hypercore Development Kit is priced at $169. The Deluxe Hypercore Development Kit is priced at $229. The R108 Hypercore Microprocessor Core Module is priced at $79 (Quantity 1). These new products will be available for purchase on August 2, 2004.R2 ControlsR2 Controls, Inc., is a Roseville, California-based manufacturer and distributor of industrial grade standard (off-the-shelf) embedded controller products and customized microcontroller solutions that deliver high performance, reliability and exceptional flexibility. R2 Controls designs and manufactures single board computers, operator interfaces, and expansion boards for control of industrial devices and other OEM embedded applications. Contact R2 Controls by telephone at 866-797-9229 or on the web at Sales@R2-controls.com.

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