Sensirion's Patent for MEMS Liquid Flow Sensors is Now Ready for Grant

  • October 07, 2004
  • News
In the recent 4 years Sensirion developed a very powerful sensing technology for its liquid flow meters. Total media isolation, unique sensitivity and a very high speed are the main advantages. Swiss made standard products using this technology are in serial production since 2003 and offer resolutions down to pico litres per minute.All these products are liquid flow sensors using MEMS based thermal anemometry technology to directly measure the mass-flow rate of liquids in an isolated flow channel. This configuration has been invented and described by Sensirion in the publication US 2003-0049877 (published on March 13, 2003). This application is now officially allowed for issuance as a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.Up to now the main applications for these sensors, which are based on fused silica, PEEK, or stainless steel capillaries, are analytical instruments and lifescience devices. Sensirion is extending functionality and flow ranges and at the same time continuously accumulating more and more intellectual property protecting the whole Sensirion product range against copy attempts. At the moment Sensirion owns more than 25 patents or pending patent application families resulting in more than 70 patents and applications in different countries worldwide.Visit

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