SMC’s MHF2 Low Profile Air Gripper is 1/3 the Height of Conventional Air Grippers

  • August 18, 2004
  • SMC Corporation of America
  • News
Tustin, CA – SMC Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic automation products, has announced the release of the MHF2 Low Profile Air Gripper. The MHF2 Gripper is in stock and available for immediate shipment from SMC’s distribution center in Indianapolis, IN. The MHF2 Air Gripper uses a low profile design to save space and reduce bending moments. Because of its compact height, the gripper remains close to the manipulator to which it is attached, thus greatly reducing bending moments and thereby allowing the use of a lighter duty and lower cost manipulator. The height is approximately 1/3 that of conventional air grippers with equivalent gripping force. The gripper jaws are guided using precision ball bearing guides. A dual air piston design maintains high gripping force.The MHF2 series grippers are designed for simple, repeatable installation and setup. Mounting holes are located on all sides of the gripper body and both side and axial ports are included to allow for flexible mounting and piping. Locating pin holes on both the body and jaws allow for repeatable positioning. The body also includes auto switch rails extruded into the body so you can utilize the vast range of position sensing auto switches available from SMC.The MHF2 series includes 12 models featuring gripping forces ranging from 8-200N and strokes from 8-80mm. The operating ambient/fluid temperature range is -10 to 60 deg. C. Unit weights range from 65 grams for the smallest size, up to 1225 grams for the largest size. Maximum operation frequency is 120 cycles per minute. MHF2 Grippers are designed to meet or exceed a life of 10 million operating cycles when properly used within specifications.SMC Corporation manufactures high quality actuators and cylinders, airline and air preparation equipment, high-purity products, instrumentation, and a host of fittings and accessories applicable to the industrial automation industry. SMC has 14 production facilities, three of which are in North America –California, Indiana, and Ontario, Canada. SMC’s global presence allows them to provide quality customer service in any part of the world. Ask for catalog ES20-166 or for more information please visit

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