TURCK Introduces AS-interface® Tools for an Effective Network Implementation

  • December 01, 2004
  • TURCK Inc.
  • News
Minneapolis, MN–November 18, 2004–InterlinkBT introduces 3 new AS-interface tools to help implement an effective AS-i Network. The Bus Terminator potentially allows you to double the total length of an AS-interface network. Since the Bus Terminator has a fixed value, the AS-i Analyzer must be used to check and record the quality of the installation. The AS-interface Tuner can almost triple the total network length by strengthening the communication signal and monitoring network performance. During the "teach-in" phase the Tuner analyzes the number of unrecognized messages and automatically equalizes the impedance so the number of repetitions is minimized. The Tuner evaluates the network based on its installed parameters which allows you to exceed the normal 100 m limit. LEDs provide visual indication of the communication status. Errors are stored and can be "acknowledged" by the press of a button. The AS-interface Analyzer complements the diagnostic capabilities already available with the AS-interface Master. The Analyzer easily detects errors and continuously monitors the AS-i network. The diagnostic software provides each AS-i slave with an overview of the installation quality through an LED indication (red, green, yellow). You do not need to be a specialist to determine the quality of the network or to detect errors. If problems arise, a simple statistical mode shows the faulty data for all connected slaves. After a test run, you can also print all statistical data by using the Analyzer. Furthermore, the AS-interface Analyzer offers the AS-interface specialist the capability of finding and solving the most difficult errors with extensive triggers (3 levels of triggers, external trigger input, trigger output and so on) and filter functions. TURCK is a leading supplier of advanced control solutions to help manufacturers improve their automated processes, products and profits. For other TURCK products or technical information, please contact: Application Support-Toll free: 800-544-PROX (7769). Visit us on the web www.turck.com, or Email: sensors@turck.com.

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