Wonderware Enters Semiconductor Market Segment; Launches ArchestrA Architecture for APC Applications

  • July 01, 2004
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A Giant Step Forward for Fabs Growing Advanced Process Control Capabilities, Says Company President Mike BradleyLAKE FOREST, Calif., July 1, 2004 -- Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys Systems, Inc., today announced the extension of its ArchestrA® software architecture into advanced process control (APC) applications for semiconductor manufacturing. The company's entry into this segment of the semiconductor arena is a natural progression for its advanced application architecture.Wonderware will exhibit at SEMICON West, July 12-14, in San Francisco. Wonderware will demonstrate at Booth No. 2806 in the South Hall the capabilities of ArchestrA technology as applied to semiconductor APC, including its new EDA interface, process client, developer client and a wireless casual user that gives a real-time view of tools and lots being processed. Wonderware also is a prime sponsor for the Fab Managers Forum to be held on July 13 at SEMICON West.According to Mike Bradley, president of the Wonderware and ArchestrA business units, Wonderware expects success in bringing its software solutions into semiconductor fabs for several reasons. First, the ArchestrA software architecture enables a disciplined approach that fits the growing need to technologically and economically expand APC and other semiconductor manufacturers from successful spot applications into a fab-wide solution. Second, its manufacturing software capability has been proven in more than 100,000 sites -- with more than 150 applications using the ArchestrA technology. Third, its resources as a company and its commitment to technology leadership are evident from its commitment to R&D at twice the industry average. Fourth, the company believes strongly in its relationships and cooperation with key suppliers. Wonderware is already working with key suppliers of APC software and tool solutions in the semiconductor industry, including Microsoft, Cimetrix, Alan Weber and Associates, and other APC application developers."One way to look at our solution for semiconductor manufacturing is that it provides the horizontal functionality -- the framework and underpinnings -- for a robust APC software architecture that hooks into other successful APC components in the industry," Bradley said.According to John McCallum, industry manager of high tech with Microsoft's Manufacturing Industry Solutions Group, "Wonderware has proven experience in the development and delivery of manufacturing solutions and is well-positioned to provide manufacturing software critical to the semiconductor market.""Microsoft chose to work with Wonderware on this solution because the company believes that APC applications are critical to the success of semiconductor companies and Wonderware has a strong foundation for delivering solutions in this space," McCallum said. "By building on Microsoft® technologies, Wonderware has developed an offering for APC systems that can help semiconductor customers obtain a competitive edge."Bradley compares the semiconductor industry to other manufacturing industries."While some may think the growth of APC in the semiconductor industry is unique, the fact is other manufacturing industries moved through this phase some time ago to stay competitive in the face of increased globalization," he noted. "This is the fundamental challenge that IC manufacturers must address. "Today, after selected forays into APC, operations managers are discovering the value of transforming real-time data into real time information. They are challenged, however, to fully integrate the mix of wafer processing tools and local APC software solutions into a cohesive system with the control needed to generate more productivity out of wafer fabs. By integrating the ArchestrA software architecture into APC for semiconductor manufacturing, Wonderware is drawing on its broad experience in helping manufacturers in other industries solve this very same problem."ArchestrA Technology to Reshape APC From a high level, the ArchestrA architecture uses a plant-centric object model to capture, encapsulate, deploy and manage wafer fab process knowledge as unique software objects. "ArchestrA technology provides the agility, scalability and reliability to integrate existing APC applications and scale them to a fab-level solution," said Kevin Tock, Wonderware's vice president of strategic alliances and programs. "Many top-tier fabs are at the point of growing their APC capability fab-wide. When a fab's IT personnel collaborate on this task, the first thing they discuss is how to build a fab-wide APC architecture, growing from their successful individual applications at specific tools. This is exactly where the plant-centric ArchestrA architecture fits in. To date, there have been many tool-specific APC solutions deployed in wafer fabs, but the need going forward is for a fab-wide framework."According to Bradley, Wonderware's solutions provide unmatched scalability enabling semiconductor fabs to grow their APC efforts from single process tools and units into a fab-wide architecture. "ArchestrA technology inside Wonderware's distributed application server offering provides the framework, toolkits and software components to assemble APC systems faster than with other approaches, while retaining the agility of a custom-built system," Bradley said.About Invensys' Wonderware and ArchestrA Business UnitsWonderware and ArchestrA are business units of Invensys Systems, Inc. Wonderware is the world's leading supplier of industrial automation and information software. Founded in 1987, Wonderware pioneered the use of the Microsoft Windows operating system in HMI automation software for manufacturing operation systems. Wonderware software powers intelligent plant decisions in real time. ArchestrA technology provides a unified set of software services that enables every system in your plant, working in concert.Based in Lake Forest, Calif., the Wonderware and ArchestrA business units have regional sales and development offices throughout North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia to provide support to its network of more than 160 distributor offices. Wonderware has approximately 300,000 software licenses in approximately 100,000 plants worldwide, which is about 30 percent of the world's 335,000 plants with 20 or more employees. For more information, visit www.wonderware.com or www.invensys.com/archestra.About InvensysInvensys is a global automation, controls and process solutions group. Products, services, expertise and ongoing support enable intelligent systems to monitor and control processes in many different environments. The businesses within Invensys help customers in a variety of industries perform with greater efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness. Industry areas of focus include hydrocarbons, chemicals, oil and gas, power and utilities, rail, telecommunications, paper, food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceuticals and personal care. Process Systems provides products, services and solutions for the automation and optimization of plant operation in the process industries. Featuring industry-leading brands such as Foxboro, Triconex, SimSci-Esscor, Wonderware and Marcam, Process Systems occupies a top-tier position in the DCS, safety, simulation and HMI markets. Products are installed in more than 150,000 plants worldwide. Serving process and batch industries, including hydrocarbons, chemicals, power and utilities and metals and mining, and also the discrete and hybrid manufacturing sectors, Process Systems is at the forefront of technological innovation, with new award-winning technologies such as ArchestrA, Digital Coriolis and DolPhin.Also within the Invensys Group, APV specializes in process equipment engineered into systems and asset services for food, beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical and chemical clients. Eurotherm is a leading supplier of control and measurement instrumentation solutions and services to industrial and process customers. Rail Systems is a multinational leader in the design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of safety-related rail signaling and control systems. Climate Controls is a major provider of the components, systems and services used globally to make commercial and residential environments safer, more comfortable and more efficient. Appliance Controls has the broadest system and component offering for the appliance industry worldwide.The Invensys Group is headquartered in the U.K. and listed on the London Stock Exchange. With 39,000 employees operating in 60 countries, Invensys helps customers to improve their performance and profitability, building value for end users and shareholders alike. For more information, visit www.invensys.com.

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