Citect Announces CitectIIM Performance™ – the First Proactive Performance Improvement Solution

  • February 23, 2005
  • Citect Inc.
  • News
Sydney, Australia – Citect, world’s largest independent automation software provider is pleased to announce CitectIIM Performance. Performance is the first manufacturing execution system (MES) to provide powerful analytics capabilities that enable companies to increase profits by proactively targeting performance improvements in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).CitectIIM Performance lowers total cost of ownership by combining technology, services and process improvement expertise accumulated from working with world-class customers such as Impala, Console Energy and BHP Billiton. The end result is a powerful, out-of-the-box solution that is easy to configure, intuitive to use and provides fast ROI in areas such as increased uptime, production and total capacity gains.Technology-savvy customers in the mining, food and beverage, energy, automotive and infrastructure industries are amongst the first movers to realize the significant ROI from using CitectIIM solutions. Western Mining Corporation Resources reported return within days, achieving 24% performance improvement in its underground railway haulage as part of its mine reliability program. At Impala’s Base Metal Refinery in South Africa, savings in reduced downtime were made, an hour of which is equivalent to 1M Rand.“CitectIIM gives Management a clear picture on production performance throughout the plant, by aggregating data from various systems and presenting an analyzed, easy-to-understand snapshot”, said Tim Spandiel, Plant Manager, Impala Platinum Holdings.“What makes CitectIIM Performance unique is its powerful cause-based analysis”, explains Peter Long, General Manager, CitectIIM. “This is due to the depth of detailed information captured. For example, Performance automatically captures qualitative data entered by engineers at the time of event occurrence such as a downtime, equipment failure or out-of-spec quality issue”. “By aggregating and presenting such information in real time throughout the plant or enterprise, Performance eliminates the guesswork, providing managers with direction to confidently target and improve areas which will yield the greatest returns”, says Long. Sales and Marketing Manager for CitectIIM, Jeremy Bolton, expects to see continuous growth for the company's IIM suite of products, which are part of a rapid growing next generation MES market which industry analysts, ARC Advisory Group call the ‘Collaborative Production Management (CPM) software and services market’; "ARC predict that the market will be worth approximately $3 billion by 2008 according to their two recent CPM studies".Craig Resnick, ARC Advisory Group Research Director adds, "OEE is a straight-forward approach to monitoring and managing the lifecycle of manufacturing assets. OEE is a useful, but still underused metric based on the multiplication of a plant’s production rate, yield, and utilization. This metric should be adopted by manufacturers as part of their KPIs and Real-time Performance Management, (RPM) initiatives."“Citect is committed to delivering high ROI and easy-to-use solutions to its customers world-wide. Customers can expect the CitectIIM platform to continue to improve throughout 2005”, says Bolton.CitectIIM Performance will be released to market on 1 March, 2005. CitectIIM Performance Silver Bullets
  • Powerful analytics: IIM does cause-based analysis better than any competitor product by capturing detailed qualitative information from engineers at time of event occurrence
  • Customers don’t need to change their existing performance measures – IIM moulds to the customer’s processes
  • Enterprise wide solutions – customers are using on secondary sites for benchmarking and total capacity gains
  • Scalable from smallest to largest plants
  • Ease of use – improved clarity of data and more space for analysis results
  • Performance of data presentation allows for even more comprehensive visualization of the Key Performance Indicators that drive a plants bottom line
  • Leverages Microsoft’s latest technologies – runs on Windows 2003 as well as Windows 2000 and includes integrated Windows security so the user need only log on once
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Non-invasive, modular approach delivers incremental performance improvements and ROI by delivering only what is needed when it’s needed
  • Improved reporting and overall performanceAbout CitectCitect is a worldwide leader in industrial automation and next generation manufacturing execution systems (MES) and is the largest independent vendor in its field, in the world. Its CitectHMI/SCADA, Citect Plant2Business and suite of CitectIIM analysis modules are complemented by professional services, customer support and training. These solutions are enhanced by strong partner programs and are sold in numerous industries, including mining, metals, food and beverage, facilities monitoring, gas pipelines, pharmaceuticals and power distribution. Citect is headquartered in Sydney Australia, has 15 offices in Australia, USA, Europe, China and Africa, and its products are distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide. Please visit for further information.

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