Intec Automation Introduces New WildFire Microcontroller

  • January 28, 2005
  • News
Victoria, BC, Canada, 26-Jan-05 - With the release of its WildFire microcontroller, Intec Automation Inc. is banking on Linux making inroads into control and automation, a field, up till now, dominated by platforms with a plethora of I/O to interface to the real world, but with insufficient resources to run Linux. With abundant RAM and up to 1 GB of removable SD card program and data storage the WildFire it well suited for Linux and for massive data acquisition. Its abundance of digital I/O, analog inputs and numerous highly programmable timers make the versatile WildFire suitable for complex industrial control applications and its small form factor allow it to be embedded in actuators and tight enclosures.The WildFire, successor to Intec’s popular F16-mite family of microcontrollers, too is very small -- small enough to embed in actuators and tight enclosures – and has an abundance of I/O and features to interface to the real world. What separates the WildFire from the mite is that it is even faster, thanks to its 66MHz ColdFire mpu. It has 3 serial ports, plus Ethernet and CAN ports as well as more than enough RAM and flash to support full-featured communication stacks and Oses. The SDIO card connector can also hold WiFi or BlueTooth cards, and a battery-backed clock-calendar hibernation feature restores power to the board after it has turned itself off. This is useful for power rationed applications such as remote data acquisition.Learn more by calling Intec Automation, Inc. at 1-866-721-5150 (toll free) or going to Intec Automation, Inc:Intec Automation Inc. has been providing microcontrollers and software development tools since 1993. Intec’s microcontrollers are sold mainly in USA and Canada, with numerous clients world wide. Intec’s flagship product is SBCTools, an IDE and tool-chain for microcontroller software development.

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