Red Lion Announces Crimson 2.0 Software Support for the PAX Dual Process Input Meter

  • February 14, 2005
  • Red Lion Controls
  • News
York, PA–February 14, 2005–Red Lion Controls, Inc. has announced Crimson 2.0 software support for the PAX Dual Process Input Meter (PAXDP). Crimson 2.0 is a suite of programming tools used to create control and monitoring routines on Red Lion's successful G3 Series operator interface panels as well as the company's innovative Modular Controller Series. With Crimson, programming is easier and more intuitive than many costly dedicated applications. Users will now be guided through programming with a series of menus and pop-up assistance windows when configuring settings for the PAXDP panel meter, and will be able to save various programming settings for later retrieval. "With Crimson, archiving and retrieving a PAXDP programming setup is as simple as saving and opening a file," said Jeff Thornton, Product Manager. "This feature makes quick work of programming multiple meters to do the same function, or restoring saved programming to a replacement PAXDP meter," added Thornton. The PAXDP Dual Process Input Meter is an innovative two-in-one process control solution that lets users monitor, scale, and display two independent input sources, perform a high-speed math function on the input values, and display the resulting value. The PAXDP can be set up to display input values from both signal sources, calculate, and display a resultant value based upon the two input values. With optional plug-in cards, the meter can be equipped to generate desired outputs including alarm triggering, retransmission of analog output, or data to comms via a host of industrial communication protocols. Crimson 2.0 is a powerful, user-friendly software suite that includes an extensive library of drag-and-drop configuration tools and downloadable device drivers to quickly establish communications between Red Lion's G3 HMIs, Modular Controllers, and panel meters. Crimson 2 also features comprehensive programming, control, data logging, remote communications, and interface-building tools. Unlike costly proprietary software that is optional on many competitive products, Crimson 2.0 is downloadable and freely available, with free upgrades and support by Red Lion. Red Lion Controls, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial control solutions worldwide. Products include digital/analog control, monitoring and panel meters, PID control, human-machine interface panels, and signal conditioning. For more information, or to find the Red Lion distributor nearest you, go to, or contact: Red Lion Controls, Inc., 20 Willow Springs Circle, York, PA 17402; (717) 767-6511.

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