Aerotech Introduces Ndrive MP Ultra-Compact Digital Servo Amplifier

  • June 30, 2005
  • Aerotech Inc
  • News
  • Output current up to 10 A peak at 80 VDC; 5 A continuous output
  • CE compliant
  • PWM power stage
  • Integrated E-Stop sense input
  • Digital current, velocity, and position loops for improved motion stability
  • Optional software encoder multiplier for higher throughput and reduced wiring
  • Ultra compact, flexible design provides the ability to drive brushless and DC brush-type servomotors as well as stepping motorsThe Ndrive® MP digital servo amplifier is the ultra compact, high-performance discrete drive option for the Automation 3200 motion system. Only 41 mm wide by 141 mm high by 107 mm deep, the Ndrive® MP is capable of driving brushless, DC brush-type servomotors and stepper motors, and can perform both current loop and servo-loop closure to ensure the highest level of positioning performance and rate stability in a “micro-sized” package.Ndrive® MPs are built on high performance DSPs to allow them to perform complex calculations in real time. This processing capability allows Ndrive® MPs to sample the digital current loop and servo loop at a rate of 20 kHz. These amplifiers also handle both digital and analog I/O and encoder multiplication, providing a wide range of capabilities in a very small package.Standard options for the Ndrive® MP include software-based encoder multiplication, brake relay, additional I/O, and separate logic supply inputs for “keep-alive” operation during an E-Stop condition. Any combination of Ndrive® MP amplifiers can be used on the FireWire® network to allow the user to customize the system as needed.To learn more about the Ndrive® visit:

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