ASI Releases New CBC Terminal Block with Jumpering & Bridging System

  • May 09, 2005
  • Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. (ASI)
  • News
Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc, (ASI) is pleased to announce a terminal block and jumpering or bridging system that has been designed to save time, save labor and save money. The new CBC.2 and CBC.4 terminal block hasbeen designed to accept the push-in “easy bridge,” PTC which is available from 2 to 50 positions. As you will learn below, this unique bridging system requires no screws, is divisible, can be used for staggered circuits and is much lower cost then traditional jumper systems. Read on if you are looking to save time and money when using terminal blocks that require circuit bridging.The CBC terminal block allows for bridging in two different locations in the terminal block. As you can see from this illustration of the product this ability to bridge in two locations allows for bridging ever other terminal block on each side. For example if you want to have circuits + - + - + - in consecutive blocks you can do it now with this system.The illustrations of the terminal block bridge show exactly how you can accomplish both consecutive and staggered bridging. This is especially useful in the layout of a cabinet and the wiring associated with specific circuits thereby making if easy for the wiring technician.Insertion and removal of the “easy bridge system is quite simple. After having cut the bridge to the number of positions or by using a standard 2,3,5, or 10 position insert the bridge into the appropriate grove in the terminal block.At this point by using the blade of the screwdriver, push down on the bridge until it is fully inserted into the terminal block housing. At this point it is now fully insulated, thereby preventing shock hazard and it is connected to the metal current carrying bar in the terminal block.To remove the “easy bridge” simply insert the blade of the screwdriver in the slot provided on the upper part of the bridge and lift it up to extract it from the circuit and terminal blocks. It does not get much easier than this!In addition to being a very simple and flexible system the new “easy bridge” jumper system is considerably less expensive then traditional types of jumpers used in other terminal blocks. For example, a 10 position PTC jumper is $2.43 less expensive then a jumper using screws, spacers and a jumper bar! For additional information on these Terminal Blocks, Contact ASI or visit their web site at

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