Carlo Gavazzi Introduces Flat Pack Capacitive Proximity Sensor

  • April 27, 2005
  • Carlo Gavazzi
  • News
April 27, 2005 - Buffalo Grove, Illinois - Carlo Gavazzi Inc. has expanded the 3rd generation of their industry leading TRIPLESHIELD„§ capacitive sensors, to include a thin-profile rectangular housing. The new housing design of the CD46 incorporates many of the new features and functions of the 3rd generation TRIPLESHIELD„§, thus making it the most versatile and advanced capacitive sensor on the market.The microprocessor-based sensors now feature a single push-button ¡§Teach Mode¡¨ that allows the user to program the sensing range and output, eliminating the need for a potentiometer. The sensors also have a remote-teach wire, allowing them to be fully programmed from a remote location. Sensing range is up to 10mm, and the housing is only 5.5mm thick! These versatile sensors can be mounted directly on non-metallic surfaces. Stable mounting is ensured by means of screws in diagonal mounting holes. The thin profile allows the sensor to be mounted on pipes with small diameters, using a retaining strap in guide rail on the sensor housing. The sensor can also be recessed into a tank wall and fastened with countersunk screws. The sensors are available in either NPN or PNP, and will automatically adjust for flush or non-flush mounting. Additional features include dirt, moisture, and water compensation, which allow the sensors to continually adjust and optimize their performance under difficult environments. All Carlo Gavazzi TRIPLESHIELD„§ capacitive sensors feature the industry¡¦s highest level of protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD), wire-conducted noise, airborne RF and transient voltages. These features make the TRIPLESHIELD„§ series ideal for applications such as grain and plastic pellet level detection, liquid level detection, and detection of virtually any type of material. Visit their website at

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