Contemporary Controls Marries ARCNET and Ethernet Networks

  • May 31, 2005
  • Contemporary Controls
  • News
Downers Grove, Illinois (May 26, 2005)-Contemporary Controls continues to lead in the development of ARCNET and Ethernet communication products. With customer requirements as a focus, Contemporary Controls has designed the AI-SRVR that provides the ability to access an ARCNET network from an Ethernet network. The AI-SRVR functions as an ARCNET server by executing communication requests from an Ethernet client. This device will receive ARCNET packets and send the data to Ethernet clients or reverse the process for transmitted packets.Contemporary Controls R&D Manager, Bennet Levine, explains the importance of such a product. As the AI-SRVR uses TCP/IP in the Ethernet communications, this not only allows communications over wired Ethernet networks, but could allow technologies such as WiFi or IEEE 802.11 to be utilized when accessing ARCNET networks. Also, as the Internet utilizes TCP/IP for its communications, an ARCNET network can now be reached via the Internet through the use of the AI-SRVR and other standard TCP/IP routing devices.Configuration of the AI-SRVR is accomplished through an EIA-232 serial port. The Ethernet IP address and ARCNET node address are set in this fashion. Once configured, a resident web server can be accessed to determine the operational status of the AI-SRVR.The AI-SRVR can also function in the "AI-PROXY" mode. When used in AI-PROXY mode, the AI-SRVR allows ARCNET devices on separate networks to communicate directly over an Ethernet network.This product has power connectors similar to the AI Series of hubs. It can be powered from a wide range of low-voltage AC or DC power sources and provisions exist for redundant power connections. Models are available for coaxial bus, twisted-pair bus, and EIA-485 AC- or DC-coupled networks.Each unit is priced at $995. Availability is scheduled for the end of June. For more information on the AI-SRVR read the data sheet at:

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