IXXAT Introduces New EPL Module for Implementing ETHERNET Powerlink Controlled Nodes in Devices

  • June 22, 2005
  • Ixxat, Inc.
  • News
The new EPL module from IXXAT represents a very successful, fast solution for implementing ETHERNET Powerlink controlled nodes in devices such as drives, I/O modules, encoders etc.The module is based on an Altera-FPGA containing a CPU (NIOS II), Ethernet controller and an integrated 2-port hub. Connection is via an RJ45 connector. For connection to the application CPU, a serial port is available for simple devices and a shared memory interface (more or less dual-ported memory) for more complex devices. The memory required for this is already on the EPL module, so that the address/data bus of the application CPU must only be connected with the address/ data bus of the EPL module. For simple applications, it is possible to run the application together with the EPL protocol software on the EPL module.Device vendors can also integrate the hardware design directly in their own circuit instead of the add-on module.The scope of supply consists of the EPL module with integrated ETHERNET Powerlink protocol stack and programming example.Further information is available at www.ixxat.de.About IXXATIXXAT Automation GmbH is a leading supplier of data communication systems for industrial automation and automotive applications. The main technologies in the field of industrial communication systems are solutions based on CAN (CANopen, DeviceNet), Ethernet (Ethernet PowerLink, Ethernet/IP) as well as TCP/IP with the associated Internet protocols. For automotive applications, IXXAT focuses on solutions based on CAN (diagnosis protocols, SAE J1939), FlexRay and LIN. The product range comprises interface boards, test systems, analysing tools and protocol software.As of February 2005, IXXAT provides work for 60 employees, predominantly engineers skilled in electronic engineering and computer science and has a certified quality assurance management according to ISO9001.Our customers are well-known companies all over the world from the industrial and automotive sectors.IXXAT supports its customers completely in the establishment and application of communication systems based on CAN and TCP/IP, from seminars and consulting, design of system solutions, development and implementation of hardware and software to the supply of a complete product line.

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