MACSEA Announces Remote Capability for Marine Equipment Health Monitoring

  • June 15, 2005
  • News
Stonington, CT, June 15th, 2005 – MACSEA Ltd, a global provider of diagnostic and predictive CBM software, has just announced a remote capability to its automated equipment health monitoring software. Diagnostic equipment data can now be viewed from anywhere in the world, in real time, using MACSEA’s innovative technologies.The new remote health management capability can be used for tele-maintenance of shipboard equipment by shore-side technicians in support of reduced manning initiatives by the Navy and commercial ship operators. Accessible around the world over the Internet or on a local intranet, MACSEA’s DEXTERTM software collects information gathered from equipment, performs diagnostics, and delivers this information to wherever it is needed, and in real-time.The new functionality allows experts to have a virtual presence on any ship, anywhere and anytime, providing technical assistance and rapid resolution of problems onboard. It can assist in maintenance logistics, allowing port engineers and operations staff to monitor equipment performance to identify key maintenance activities and plan remedial activities accordingly.“We see remote monitoring playing an increasingly significant role on future Navy platforms to support reduced manning. Our new remote monitoring feature addresses this need by allowing users to get real-time feeds of equipment health and diagnostic data from anywhere within their own network.” said Martin French, Vice President of MarketingOne of the software’s greatest attributes is the low bandwidth requirements for DEXTER’s real-time monitoring – less than 5kbs. This means that no special hardware is required and that existing ship’s communication channels can be used without additional costs. Even standard dial-up connections can be used to provide live diagnostic data from anywhere in the world.The upgrade of MACSEA’s flagship CBM product, DEXTER, brings yet another level of sophistication to a product that is already far in advance of current monitoring technologies. The remote feature now extends shipboard equipment health monitoring to shore-side engineering personnel wherever they are. Using the DEXTER software, they can drill down into equipment fault alerts and gather further real-time information, numerically and graphically, and make intelligent decisions that make mechanical, economic and safety sense. The technology can be seen in action by visiting MACSEA’s website and downloading a demo. The demo allows a client computer to read real-time simulated engine data off a server on the Internet. About MACSEA Ltd.Founded in 1982, MACSEA Ltd. is one of the first companies to offer commercial software specifically focused on machinery and process health assessment. Over a decade of research and another decade of applied experience has resulted in some of the most advanced intelligent technology on the market for real-time machinery diagnostics and prognostics. MACSEA’s DEXTER products are installed in numerous ships worldwide, constantly ensuring equipment health, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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