MTL Announces Matrix SafetyNet, New SIL2 Safety System in Compliance with IEC 61508

  • May 09, 2005
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Hampton, NH.. MTL Open System Technologies (MOST), a member of the MTL Instruments Group, introduces the Matrix SafetyNet, a SIL 2 safety system in compliance with IEC 61508 - on the same platform that is already widely used in process control applications – the Matrix Process Automation System. "Matrix SafetyNet is a comprehensive solution for safety related applications, including Process Shut Down (PSD), Emergency Shut Down (ESD) Systems and Fire and Gas (F&G) applications," said Dave Reynolds MOST VP of Marketing. "Matrix SafetyNet is certified to IEC 61508 by TuV for use in SIL 2 functional safety systems. "Matrix SafetyNet achieves its SIL 2 rating without requiring the use of redundant I/O or redundant controllers, which enables SafetyNet to provide a very cost effective SIL 2 solution. Redundant controllers can be added to the system to provide greater system availability.Matrix SafetyNet is built on the same control platform as the Matrix Process Automation System, enabling you to address your process control and functional safety needs with the same control platform. “A single Matrix SafetyNet Workbench can be used to develop both process control and functional safety applications,” according to Reynolds. “Static analysis tools are provided to assist in the verification and validation of the safety strategy. And like all other Matrix Workbenches, pricing never increases as your total I/O count increases -there is just one price for the Matrix SafetyNet workbench.”With a single platform and software workbench, Matrix can provide solutions for Process, Discrete and Functional Safety applications, reducing your needs for spares, training and support and providing you with considerable savings. Safety systems have long been used in the process industries wherever there is a potential threat to life or the environment. Until recently, safety systems have generally been designed according to established practice within each company.Safety standards, such as IEC 61508, are gaining worldwide recognition and providing process plants with more options when choosing a safety system. The standard defines 4 Safety Integrity Levels (SIL), where SIL 4 is the most demanding level. This process provides users with a broader range of solutions, enabling users to choose the appropriate SIL for their application and resulting in more cost effective safety solutions. "SIL 2 systems are meeting a growing number of safety system requirements in process plants as users are trying to reduce the hazards in their plants to acceptable levels.," Reynolds explained. "Many companies have determined that if an operation requires a SIL 3 rating, then it is too hazardous and needs to be redesigned. After working to reduce the risks in their plants to SIL 2 or lower, customers are then looking to optimize their investments in safety related systems with the appropriate level of risk reduction. In these applications, a SIL 2 safety system provides a very cost effective solution to a traditional TMR solution."Matrix SafetyNet consists of SIL 2 rated safety logic solvers, I/O modules and a safety logic workbench. The safety system shares power supplies, module carriers and field terminals with the Matrix Process Control System. The Safety Logic Workbench uses the same programming environment as the standard Process Control workbench. The Workbench is used to develop, download, simulate, debug, monitor and edit application programs. SIL 2 control applications are developed in the Safety Logic Workbench, using one of 3 SIL approved IEC61131-3 programming languages: Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram and Structured Text. Safety control programs are downloaded to the logic solvers, which can only run applications developed in one of the 3 approved IEC 61131-3 programming languages. The logic solver monitors critical inputs and provides a safe response to any fault condition. The logic solver incorporates a rigorous redundancy model, manages safety approved peer-to peer communications with other safety controllers, and, with its open nature, interfaces to popular asset management software. A single logic solver provides a SIL 2 approved solution; a second redundant controller can be added for increased system availability.About MTL Open System Technologies (MOST)MOST is the leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of open hardware and software technology-based components for the process automation and functional safety markets. MOST products are targeted at the OEMs and systems integrators in the process automation market, including the following industries: oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, water and waste water, cement, pulp and paper, power generation and electrical distribution, food and beverage. MOST Controllers, with their simultaneous support of function block programming and IEC 61131-3 programming, are an ideal solution for those process applications that have considered using a PLC. SIL 2 certified control systems are built on the same platform as MOST’s process control solutions, enabling a single platform to address both process control and shutdown needs and providing users with considerable savings. For more information about MOST and its open system building blocks, visit our web site at

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