National Instruments Unveils LabVIEW Graphical Programming for Embedded Design

  • June 20, 2005
  • National Instruments Corporation
  • News
Scientists and engineers now can take advantage of the high-level graphical programming paradigm of National Instruments LabVIEW software to save significant time prototyping and deploying embedded applications to 32-bit microprocessors. The new NI LabVIEW Embedded Development Module extends LabVIEW to any 32-bit embedded processor, providing scientists and engineers with a graphical approach to algorithm design, simulation, prototyping and deployment of custom designs for embedded systems. “NI LabVIEW has empowered thousands of scientists and engineers in the test and control industries to harness challenging programming concepts, such as parallelism and multithreaded development, through an intuitive graphical dataflow paradigm,” said Dr. James Truchard, NI cofounder, president and CEO. “The evolution of LabVIEW beyond the PC will open embedded system design to an entirely new class of developer – a more mainstream population of scientists and engineers.” With the LabVIEW Embedded Development Module, scientists and engineers can design algorithms and program their applications using an intuitive graphical dataflow language. In addition, LabVIEW graphical front panel controls and indicators help engineers interactively experiment and debug their embedded code much more quickly than conventional approaches. The LabVIEW Embedded Development Module includes more than 400 analysis functions for signal processing, linear algebra, curve fitting, statistics and calculus. In addition to out-of-the-box measurement functionality for integrating real-world data early in the process, the module also features a framework for integrating I/O drivers and board support packages for taking advantage of specific processors with LabVIEW. Scientists and engineers can develop their applications using the LabVIEW graphical environment and then automatically generate C code to integrate with their chosen processor tool chains.“The NI LabVIEW Embedded Development Module marks a very significant milestone in the quest to empower a broad base of users with access to the latest design, development, test and measurement technologies,” said Jerry McGuire, general manager of the Media Platform and Service Group at Analog Devices. “With an integrated design and measurement platform such as the LabVIEW graphical development environment, engineers are able to shorten time to market for the development and deployment of systems involving programmable components.”For more information, Contact National Instruments or visit their web site at NI LabVIEWSince 1986, NI LabVIEW has redesigned measurement and automation with its unique graphical development methodology. Noted by the editorial community as premiere software in the electronics, industrial control and electronics design industries, LabVIEW delivers an intuitive and powerful way to acquire, analyze and present measurements at every stage of development, from prototyping to design to manufacturing test. NI extends LabVIEW to the embedded design space with the release of the LabVIEW Embedded Development Module, which gives engineers and embedded developers a powerful graphical programming paradigm for their embedded applications using the 32-bit microprocessor of their choice. About National InstrumentsNational Instruments is a technology pioneer and leader in virtual instrumentation – a revolutionary concept that has changed the way engineers and scientists in industry, government and academia approach measurement and automation. Leveraging PCs and commercial technologies, virtual instrumentation increases productivity and lowers costs for test, control and design applications through easy-to-integrate software, such as NI LabVIEW, and modular measurement and control hardware for PXI, PCI, USB and Ethernet. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NI has more than 3,400 employees and direct operations in nearly 40 countries. In 2004, the company sold products to more than 25,000 companies in 90 countries. For the past six years, FORTUNE magazine has named NI one of the 100 best companies to work for in America.

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